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  • Multisite Considerations

    There are several considerations to bear in mind when defining whether Maximo should have multiple Organizations or multiple Sites. Bear in mind that one organization and one site is the simplest data model to follow, multiple organizations and sites will add complexity and you should be aware of what you can and can’t do in…

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  • Organizations and Sites

    The definition of Maximo Organizations and Sites will be one of the most important design decisions you will make during a Maximo implementation. To make a good decision you need to consider your future use of Maximo. For example, if you have a multi-phase project with an integration to a finance system to be performed…

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  • Inheriting Service Addresses

    Locations and assets can inherit their service address. The starting point is to define a location system as an Address System, this is performed using the action Manage Systems in the Locations application. Only one location system per site can be nominated as the address system and it must be a hierarchical system it cannot…

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  • Service Address Options

    In Organizations application the action Service Address Options opens a dialogue box that can be used to change settings that effect the behaviour of service addresses, these are defined at the organization level.

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  • Service Address

    A Service Address is used to represent a physical location where labor or crews are sent to perform work. The ship to, bill to, or other types of address used in the Supply Chain applications are not service addresses, these are addresses defined in the Organizations application.

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  • Crew Types – Overview

    Crew Types is a template for Crews. A crew defines the labor and assets with specific craft-skill levels and qualifications needed to perform work. A crew type then is the required craft-skills, qualifications and tools that will need to be fulfilled by the members of a crew. Crew types are defined at the organization level…

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  • Work Zones

    Work Zones are used in Maximo to define areas in which locations and assets reside and in which labor and crews work. The Work Zone application will be found in the Administration – Resources sub-module, but only if you have a Scheduler license. The Work Zone object is defined at the organization level and has…

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