Maximo Scheduler Overview

The Graphical Appointment Book application is used by a customer services representative for scheduling, rescheduling or cancelling existing appointments. It uses the appointment books created by the Appointment Book Manager application.

The application opens to allow you to search for an appointment slot in four easy steps.

  1. Select the location or service address where the work is to be carried out
  2. Select an appointment book
  3. Select the job plan to be performed, these are the job plans defined for the appointment book
  4. Choose the appointment slot and make the appointment

If you use the service address to find the location, then if there is just one location at the service address it will populate the location field, otherwise it narrows the search. If the location has an associated work zone, then the appointment books are filtered by this work zone, you need to use an appointment book that has been defined with a work zone. If the location has no work zone, then the selection of appointment books is from the set with no associated work zones.

After the job plan has been selected from the appointment book you use the Find button. This will find existing appointments for this location, other work orders for the location without an appointment, and display the graphical appointment book where the appointment can be made from the right-click menu. When an available time slot is chosen a dialog opens for you to adjust the work order being created and when this dialog is closed the work order that was created shows up as an appointment with the job plan applied. If the appointment book has been set up to allow you to fix the schedule dates, then they will be modifiable when you check the Commit Start Time field. If the appointment book has been set up to allow you to assign the labor or crew then the Assignments table window will appear. As you are making an appointment you can create a log note of type Appointment Note. 

There are three buttons for each existing appointment. Manage Assignments will let you assign a labor or crew to the appointment (if you are allowed). Add/View Notes, lets you view the work log for the work order or create additional log note records. Cancel Appointment will also cancel the work order.

You can reschedule the selected appointment or make an appointment for other selected work orders that are needed at the same location. The assignments being made will always be in the time zone of the appointment book, and not in the time zone of the customer service representative.

If you have a Weather Company data package which has been configured for use in Maximo, then the expected weather at the location will be shown for the next 10 days allowing you to schedule outside work on more favourable weather days.

On the Work Order Tracking application and Assignments tab, the assignment will be marked as Appointment Made and it will also be shown in the Appointment Book Assignments table window. You can also make an appointment from this table window; the next 5 available appointment slots will be shown for you to select from.

There is an escalation to send an email notification to the set of user/custodians for the location the day before the appointment is due.

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