Maximo Scheduler Overview

The Graphical Crew Management application is aimed at the crew supervisor who works with a set of crews referred to as their crew list. The crew list is based on a single calendar and shift. The crew supervisor needs to assign labor to craft positions and tool assets to tool requirements. In doing so they need to ensure that craft/skill levels and qualifications are being met by those assigned to the crew.

There are two graphical views, both work on a weekly or daily basis depending on how frequently the crew assignments change.

The Crew View shows a Gantt chart with the set of crews in the crew list. Each crew has a coloured crew status. Orange – assignments required, Yellow – when quantity or tool qualification is not met by assigned labor, Green – crew is fully assigned, qualified and available. Right-click options will allow you to see the crew assignment status to understand what validation is not being met, change crew availability, view the work assignments and adjust crew assignments. 

The Assignments View shows the rotating tools, crafts and other assets which were pulled in by the resource queries. There are similar colouring in the assignment view, Orange – not assigned, Yellow – failed validations, Green – Labor or Asset meets all the requirements and is available. Shift breaks are shown in grey. Right-click options on the labor record include modify availability, view craft, skills and qualifications, and an option to view crew assignments.

On the Assignments View when in the daily view, you can drag the craft requirement to one of the available labor that has this craft and skill level. Right-click options on the resource bar allow you to create or delete an assignment, or to split a work assignment into two. A grey bar means that the labor has been assigned to another crew. A yellow bar indicates the resource is unavailable. A tool asset might show it is being used by another crew on a different shift. 

In the Crew View the description field expands to show the craft requirements for each crew position and any assignments that have been made. Many of the actions available in the Graphical Crew Management application are the same ones found on the Crews application.

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