Maximo Scheduler Overview

Geographically dispersed assets can be affected by weather requiring work to be rescheduled to better conditions to avoid unsafe situations or lost time. With a weather package from The Weather Company (TWC) you can see the current, hourly or daily forecast in Graphical Scheduling, Graphical Assignment and Graphical Scheduling Large Projects applications. A daily forecast is also available in the Graphical Appointment Book application. 

The Configure Weather Forecast application is used to enable the weather in those applications and what weather properties are displayed. The weather forecast is displayed in the tool tip (Alt-Click) of the activity bar. In the screenshot taken from Graphical Scheduling (an older version) the daily forecast is shown, but there are tabs for the current and hourly forecasts at the bottom of the tool tip. There is a front panel which is shown for Mon and Wed through Friday. Tuesday shows the back-panel weather properties.

There is a Preview button to allow you to see what both the front and back panels will look like for the current, hourly and daily forecast, this helps to determine the order in which the weather properties should be displayed. You click on a weather panel to see the other side.

The front panel weather properties can have styles, for example, center, right, left, small, medium, large, space-top, space-bottom. You can suppress the label, for example to display 78° F instead of Temperature 78° F.  There are 24 weather properties for the current forecast, 20 for the hourly forecast and 54 for the daily forecast to choose from.

The work order must have a latitude and longitude in order to obtain the Geo co-ordinates for the weather forecast. Service Address implementation on locations and assets is probably a pre-requisite as their coordinates are inherited onto the work order.

The system property weatherapi.apikey must be set up to receive the forecast data from TWC. There are other system properties for height, width and number of panels to display.

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