As of Maximo Scheduler 7.6.8 (Q3/20) there are 8 graphical applications, and 6 administration applications. Some of these applications were a part of Scheduler Plus, as of 7.6.8 they are available to all Maximo Scheduler users and Scheduler Plus will no longer be available. The optimization capability is now a separate product requiring a license.

There are also 4 Everyplace (mobile) applications, but I will not be discussing these as the Work Centers should be used instead.

So, which of the graphical applications do I use?

  • Graphical Work Week (new in 7.6.8) is used for assigning work to labor and crews, week by week, and I would use for any assignments this week and next. The application has a similar functional footprint to the Assignment Manager application.
  • Graphical Assignment has more features than Graphical Work Week and would be used by those clients who still need to schedule the work orders in time before assigning. It would also be used by those users who have a dispersed workforce where they need to assign work spatially, the Dispatch tab has a map, and you can create street level routes. Graphical Assignment would be used for a period of about a month before the work is executed.
  • Graphical Scheduling does not assign labor and crews it is for creating a feasible schedule that ends up writing schedule dates back to your work orders. It should help to answer the questions “What are my critical resources, and over what period will they be stretched?”. It is used to try and smooth out resource load versus availability within the reasonable time constraints of performing the work. It is the application that allows you to visualize forecast dates for PMs and take into account the workload on available resources. Once a feasible plan has been created it can be monitored over a two-week period to see whether the work orders that were scheduled have broken out (been delayed) from the schedule, or other emergent work has broken in – compliance reporting.

All three graphical applications could be used this week or next, but for different purposes, possibly by different persons in your organization.

This is 3 of the 8 graphical applications, what are the others used for? 

  • Graphical Scheduling – Large Projects would be used for project planning of maintenance projects including progress reporting.
  • Graphical Resource View is used for handling resource availability
  • Graphical Appointment Book is used with customer appointments
  • Graphical Crew Management is for assigning labor and tools to crews
  • Graphical Assignment – Repair Facilities is for making location assignments for mobile assets