Maximo Scheduler Overview

The Graphical Work Week application is focused on week at a time scheduling and assignment. It will pick up and use the schedule dates created by the Graphical Scheduling application. There is overlap with the Graphical Assignment application which has more functionality particularly around dispatching, you cannot show dependencies, perform a CPM schedule or enter progress in the Graphical Work Week application. The focus is very much on the assignment of work, a graphical representation of the Assignment Manager application.

The top section is based on the work assignments, you can also see work orders with no assignments and create them, before assigning the resource. The work list is based on a calendar and shift for when work is to be performed. When compiling the work list, you can use the actions to create it from the Schedule or Graphical Assignment. A rolling project will pull-in new work assignments which you might do each day or more frequently if you tend to have a lot of emergent work.

The bottom section is the resource view showing a craft with the labor below or crew type with the crew below. The resource queries are restricted to those on the shift and may be further restricted by work zone, work location or any other query that has been defined. You can see which craft or crew types are overloaded for the number of resources that are available because their load/availability values will be shown in red. You can then filter the work assignments based on the resource and reschedule some of them to another day. When doing so, the schedule window between the Start No Earlier Than and Finish No Later Than constraint dates will be shown.

You make assignments by clicking a work assignment, the resources that could match are highlighted, you then double-click the cell for the resource where you wish to make the assignment. You can make multiple assignments to a resource in one action. When assigned you can export the assignments to the calendar of the resource (.ICS). The assignment bar colours show assignment status or priority and then other colours indicate the validation state when the assignment is made so that it is easy to spot when the skills do not match, or the assignment was made outside of the schedule window of the work assignment.

Each cell in the resource view shows the number of hours remaining to be allocated, with any unavailability or extra time also displayed. You can modify a labor or crew availability from the resource view, you can modify the availability of multiple persons, for example when scheduling a meeting. The resource view shows percentage allocation for the week, this is colour coded, turning red when the resource has been overloaded with work assignments.

Columns can be sorted, and records can be filtered. You can filter resources based on selected work and filter work based on selected resources. There is hover-over text and tool tips, and right-click menu options, for example to see the work assignments made or to split long duration work assignments across shifts or to merge multiple assignments that had been split.

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