Maximo Scheduler Overview

The Graphical Resource View application shows a calendar view of the labor by craft, or the crew by crew type. The calendar display shows a week view or month view. Select a calendar and one or more shifts. Filter to display labor and/or crews, and further restrict resources by work location, work zone or other resource query.

When the Graphical View opens it is easy to visualise shift patterns including shift rotations. 

Unavailability can be entered by selecting a reason code and then modifying the availability for a full day, full week or partial day, for partial day you will need to enter start and end times. Once set you double-click on the cell where this is to apply, for vacation or sick over a whole week you just need to double-click one of the cells in the week. You can add extra time at the start or end of a shift, this would use the partial day setting. 

Cells are coloured according to the non-availability reason codes; multiple records of partial availability will be shown as a triangle in the corner of the cell.

On Craft and Crew Type records the cell represents the total available hours for each day. For the Labor and Crew records the shifts pattern day value is shown, for example, D – Days, E – Evenings, N – Nights. The days which are not part of the shift pattern have a grey background, for example, weekends.

You can modify availability for multiple resources by first using the selection box on the left-hand side of the Graphical View then selecting the reason code and time period, before double-clicking one of the resource cells, the unavailability will be added for the other resources. This might be used for training or meetings. Removing unavailability is performed by double-clicking in the cell and using the delete row button.

There is hover-over text and by using the alt-key and clicking a cell you see a tool tip dialog, name, shift details and availability information. There is a right-click menu to view craft/skill/work zone, view availability or view assigned work.

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