Assigning work is the process of assigning labor or crew to a work order or task.

Level 1

Many organizations dispatch a work order to a technician or crew, or they allow a self-dispatching model to be used. In Maximo terminology this is adding an owner or crew to a work order or task. We use the Owner field in both cases because that is the default method for a maintenance supervisor to assign when using the Work Centers. 

Level 2

The second step is creating one or more work assignments with the required effort in hours. If the end goal is to use Maximo Scheduler, then this works on the basis of assignments. Assignments allow multiple people to work on the same work order or task at the same time. This is using the Assignments tab on the Work Supervision Work Center or Work Order Tracking application. When you assign a labor the default craft is entered, when you assign a crew, the crew type is entered. Labor and crews will need to have a calendar and shift applied to make these assignments. 

Level 3

The third step is managing the work assignments within the availability of a shift. You will need to define periods of unavailability for work, or periods when the labor or crew have agreed to work extra hours, this defines the working hours of each work period. The Assignment Manager application will now help you to make assignments within the available hours of the labor or crew.

At each level we have not planned the work, we have not decided beforehand that a work order will require 3 hours of an electrician, we could be making the assignments the day before the work order is actually assigned. We have not mentioned the Graphical Assignment application, which is part of Maximo Scheduler, this is because you need to have the assignments first, in effect you need to plan first before using the Maximo Scheduler applications.