Unsuccessful RFEs

Here is a list of the RFE’s that I have submitted which were turned down and the reasons they were turned down. If you see something which makes sense to your organisation then please contact me and we can look to reinstate in the future to see if a different response will be found. To do this I think we need at least 3 Maximo clients that think it is worthy.


151161Crews to have a System Property to allow the Hourly Rate to be derived from Labor Craft Rate

The Hourly Rate of a Crew is derived from the Craft Rate table, it would be more accurate to derive the hourly rate from the current labor assigned to the crew, as labor can have different hourly rates to the default craft rates.


Maximo Scheduler

147210Available Labor dialog in Work Order Tracking, Start Time should show when next available to perform work hours within shift

In Work Order Tracking, Assignment Tab and Available Labor dialog. When a labor is fully assigned and has zero Available Hours the Start Time field defaults to the last time in the shift of the labor within the From and To dates defined in the dialog. It would be more useful to show when the labor is next available to perform the required assignment hours within their shift availability, this may be outside of the From and To date range. There should also be some warning messages when assigning a labor with no availability or assignment performed outside of their shift hours.

147796GWW – Start, Interrupt and Complete an assignment

Graphical Work Week has been modelled on Assignment Manager but it is not a replacement for it. You should be able to dispatch and record interruptions and completions to the assignment for those industries where there is no need for maps, for example hospitals, airports, hotels.

147847GWW – Include labor that match by secondary craft.

A checkbox on Work List that will allow you to pull in Labor that will be a match to the work order craft requirements using their secondary crafts. This is needed where there is no work order that includes those technicians according to their default craft. GWW currently only includes labor where their default craft is a match for one of the included work orders. For clients that have craft based supervisors and are also using secondary crafts then this can be an issue.

147848GWW – Ignore Resource Requirements

Ability for a supervisor to specify a consistent set of resources that they wish to include, by ignoring the match to the craft/crew type requirements of the selected work orders. Currently it is not possible to get a consistent set of craft and crew types because what you get depends on the selected set of work orders. When checked the set of resources will be dependent on the resource queries made in Restrict Resource Availability.

147868GWW – View Assigned Work enhancements

Minor enhancements to dialog, sort by Scheduled Start, sorting on other columns, addition of priority field and field to indicate it is an external assignment, navigation to WOTRACK.

147905GWW – In-line editing of duration and constraint dates

It is quicker to be able to change duration rather than unlocking and changing the bar length. Constraint dates can only be changed by navigating back to Work Order Tracking. In-line editing will speed up use of application.

149593GWW – Show Appointment Required/Made icons next to assignment

Graphical Work Week would benefit from being able to see that a work order assignment has an Appointment Required or Appointment Made, icons as displayed in Graphical Assignment. Ideally you would be able to change the setting of Appointment Made (or Appointment Required) without navigating back to Work Order Tracking. The Appointment Made fixes the schedule dates everywhere except in GWW, creating inconsistency.

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