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  • Ticket Communications (1)

    Ticket Communications (1)

    This is the first of three articles on Ticket Communications, and they focus on the Create Communication action in the Ticket based applications. The articles do discuss a bit about Roles and Communication Templates but only to see how they are applied, there is scope for other articles on those two applications. To help you…

  • Ticket Communications (2)

    Ticket Communications (2)

    This is the second article of three reviewing the functionality behind the Create Communication action on the ticket-based applications. The first article introduced the Create Communication dialog and the three tabs that you get when you open the To field’s Select Value to look up a recipient of the email. In the article we showed…

  • Ticket Communications (3)

    Ticket Communications (3)

    This is the last of the three articles on Ticket Communications and will focus on the Communication Templates and Roles provided for Tickets in the out of the box Maximo system. The illustrations will show two of the Global Ticket Communication Templates in action, one for Incidents and one for Problems, which can be used…

  • Roles


    A role is a pointer that resolves to a person or team, a person group. For example, the person who reports a service request, the buyer of a purchase order, the team responsible for safety, etc. Once it has found a person or team Maximo can derive an email address and use this in email…

  • Communication Templates

    Communication Templates

    A communication template is a template for an outbound email and is used in Workflow, Escalations and in applications through the Create Communication action. The Communication Templates application will be found in the Administration module and in the System Configuration – Platform Configuration module. List Tab There are a variety of existing Communication Templates which…

  • Actions


    Actions are used in Workflow and Escalations; they will also be found in Service Level Agreements (SLA) as there is an Escalation tab. This article will discuss the Action application and the standard action records provided in Maximo, the practical use of these actions will be followed up with articles on SLAs, Escalations and eventually…

  • Escalations


    An escalation is a background task that can monitor an object in Maximo and for the records where the condition evaluates to true it can notify you through a Communication Template or it can perform an Action. There is an Escalations application which is the focus of this article. Escalations are also embedded in a…

  • Escalations – Advanced Topics

    Escalations – Advanced Topics

    In this article we will look at the actions found in the Escalations application and a number of advanced topics so that you understand the use of the Repeat field, the Calendars/Shifts on the escalation and escalation point, and how communications are written to the Communication Log. We will also review how to determine the…

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