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Click to play the YouTube video – Maximo Bite Size Trailer

Through June and July 2022 I started learning the process of creating videos and in August I launched the Maximo Secrets YouTube Channel.

The videos are suitable to all users of Maximo, from those of you just starting out, to Maximo consultants with 10 or more years experience. To those of you who are beginning your Maximo journey or are thinking of joining the Maximo community, these videos will give you a good grounding of Maximo capabilities. For the experienced Maximo consultant these videos will initially cover the ground needed for the functional certification, there will be secrets to discover along the way, or you can treat these videos as a useful refresher.

The videos cover the same ground as the Maximo Bite Size podcast and articles, they have the same titles but are quite different, they do not have the same words. The videos and podcast are complimentary to each other. The videos provide business examples and will be longer in duration than the equivalent podcast episode.

I’ve been asked – Why do both podcast and videos, why not just the videos? The obvious answer is that they are two different mediums and the podcast can be listened to when watching a video will not be convenient. The target audience I had for the podcast is for Maximo consultants preparing to take the Maximo funtional certification, I had a part in developing this. Hopefully a lot of the content will already be known and what is heard is a reminder of this. The YouTube videos originally answered the question – How do I learn more about something I didn’t know? It soon became apparent that these videos would also be useful to anyone with an overview of Maximo who was starting their journey of discovery about the features and functions of Maximo.

All videos are based on Maximo Application Suite. The planned 90 videos will focus on what Maximo can do, rather than demonstrate how a feature works, this would be a completely different style of video. I aim to release a new YouTube video and its equivalent podcast episode at the same time, one per week.

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