The 12 Steps to Planning and Scheduling Maturity

2 responses to “The 12 Steps to Planning and Scheduling Maturity”

  1. Paul avatar

    Dear Andrew,
    Read your 12 steps to maturity with interest. Much can be recognised from available literature. Is it wrong to assume Maximo implements Master Production Scheduling and MRP?

    Look forward to your news
    Best regards
    Paul Vriend

    NB: I’ve started my own office ESH/RA and currently on a job where infrastructure of a waterboard (not Waternet) is to be redefined: from linieairy to circular.

    1. maximosecrets avatar

      Hi Paul, hope your new job is working out. Maximo is for maintenance, and so it will lack features that ERP systems have that support MRP and Master Production Scheduling. Sure there are functional overlaps, but Maximo would not be the right tool. Regards Andrew

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