Maintenance Planning

This section on Maintenance Planning covers the applications in several Maximo modules, including Resources, Planning, Safety and Preventive Maintenance.

The article on Building Safety Plans includes the Safety tab in the Locations and Assets application. The article on Applying Safety Plans includes a feature of Item Master to automatically add a hazard associated with an item to a work order when the item is planned – material safety.

  • People and Person Groups

    People and Person Groups

    Learn about two of the applications in the Resources module which are considered core data and likely to be used by all Maximo clients, People and Person Groups.

  • Crafts, Labor and Qualifications

    Crafts, Labor and Qualifications

    Learn about three of the applications in the Resources module, Crafts, Labor, and Qualifications and how they work together.

  • Crew Types, Crews and Crew Work Groups

    Crew Types, Crews and Crew Work Groups

    Learn about Crew Types, Crews and how Crew Work Groups fit in. If multiple technicians or engineers normally work together then crews are used, it is not just for utilities.

  • Calendars, Shifts and People/Crew Availability

    Calendars, Shifts and People/Crew Availability

    Learn about one of the first steps in Planning and Scheduling Maturity, availability. Calendars and Shifts are defined before modifying the work periods to define People/Crew Availability.

  • Job Plans

    Job Plans

    Learn about Job Plans, the template for a work order. Sorry, there’s no room to squeeze in Dynamic Job Plans.

  • Routes and Collections

    Routes and Collections

    Learn about two similar applications Routes and Collections and when you would use one or the other.

  • Master PM

    Master PM

    Learn about Master PMs a template for frequency based Preventive Maintenance (PM) records. We also consider Master PMs used with Asset Templates.

  • Preventive Maintenance – Time Based

    Preventive Maintenance – Time Based

    Learn about time based Preventive Maintenance, a first step before meter-based PMs, PM hierarchies, and PM Forecasting which we will cover later.

  • Meter Based PMs and PM Hierarchies

    Meter Based PMs and PM Hierarchies

    Learn about Meter Based PMs including mixed Time and Meter PMs. Learn about PM Hierarchies.

  • Preventive Maintenance – Forecasting

    Preventive Maintenance – Forecasting

    Learn about PM Forecasts including Forecast Costs.

  • Hazards, Precautions and Lock Out / Tag Out

    Hazards, Precautions and Lock Out / Tag Out

    Learn about the three types of hazards including a tag out records that have lock out operations created in the Lock Out/Tag Out application.

  • Building Safety Plans

    Building Safety Plans

    Learn about safety on the Locations and Assets applications. Then how to use these to build yourself a Safety Plan.

  • Applying Safety Plans

    Applying Safety Plans

    Learn about the Work Assets tab on Job Plans, applying a Safety Plan to a work order or adding additional safety records. Finally, how to create material safety records on a work order.

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