Maximo Bite Size

Coming Soon

Since the start of the year, I embarked on a podcasting course. I’ve not actually narrated a podcast yet, but I am working up to doing so. I will start with a personal podcast called ‘The Diary of a Digital Nobody’ where I expect to get few listeners, it is about my non-Maximo life.

Once I have worked out how to speak, I will launch Maximo Bite Size. Short episodes of a few minutes which will help a listener with the functional knowledge to take the Maximo Application Suite functional certification. This page will morph into a place where you can listen to the episodes or read the transcripts.

Below you will find the latest transcripts. When I have completed a whole section, I will add them to their own page, a chapter. The first chapter on Asset Management is complete. Currently, I am working on Maintenance Planning, which will cover the Resources, Planning and Preventive Maintenance modules.

  • Service Groups
    Learn about Service Groups where they are used across Maximo and how they can be used to relate similar Service Requests (tickets).
  • Ticket Templates
    Learn how a Ticket Template can be used to default fields for a Service Request. We start with an introduction to Tickets and finish with how the Service Request Work Center or Maximo Mobile Service Request is linked to a Ticket Template.
  • Service Requests
    Learn why we use a Service Request and the process for creating a new Service Request.
  • Ticket Status and Status Inheritance
    The three classes of tickets have a similar set of statuses. The status of a ticket can be inherited from a follow up ticket or work order and from a ticket that is marked as a Global Issue. Ticket Status The status of Service Requests, […]
  • Ticket Ownership and Time Tracking
    In the ticket-based applications it is good practise of Service Management to record who is taking responsibility whether a person or a team, we call this Ticket Ownership. For analysis of some aspects of Service Management the recording of time taken can be a useful […]
  • Work View
    The Work View application is the place where all the classes of tickets and work orders come together. It is an application that exists in the Administration module, but the WORKVIEW object is exposed in a couple of places across Maximo, and it has an […]
  • Service Requests with Multiple Assets/Locations
    A Service Request, Incident or Problem can reference multiple assets, locations and configuration items in a table called ‘Multiple Assets, Locations and CIs’. We’ll discuss how you can select records into this table and what options there are when you create a work order from […]
  • Global Issues and Related Records
    In the ticket and work order based applications you can create one class of ticket from another, or you can create different classes of work order. For example, in the Service Requests application you can create an incident or a work order. This creates a […]

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