Maximo Mobile

This section on Maximo Mobile will also cover the Role Based Applications (RBA) which are currently found in the Inventory, Work, and Assets modules. This page is work in progress and will take a few months to complete. I am starting with the Inventory based applications and will record the podcasts for these before moving onto the RBA applications in the Work module.

  • Inventory Receiving 

    Inventory Receiving 

    Learn about the first part of the Inventory Receiving application which is for receiving, inspecting materials, the equivalent of the Material Receipts tab in the desktop Receiving application.

  • Issues and Transfers

    Issues and Transfers

    Learn about the Maximo Mobile application called Issues and Transfers. It was released recently with Mobile 8.11.0 in September 2023 and this is a first release. It has limitations, so find out what you can currently do, and what you cannot.

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