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  • Calendars


    In Maximo calendars are used on labor and crew resources, and on locations and assets to indicate operational periods. They are used with Service Level Agreements and there are also some hidden references to a calendar which you might discover if you attempted to delete a calendar. Calendars are fundamental to the Maximo Scheduler graphical…

  • People – Modify Person Availability

    People – Modify Person Availability

    The Calendar does not define the availability of a labor or crew alone. With its shifts the calendar defines the work periods that would be considered working time from other periods in a day or week which would be considered non-working time. The calendar is designed to be shared between multiple labor or crews, availability…

  • Crafts


    Craft records are used to define disciplines that one or more employees or contractors possess, and which are used in the planning of work. Some traditional examples of crafts are Mechanic, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, but crafts are used in every industry, for example in IT, Deskside Support, Service Desk Tier 1, Service Desk Tier 2,…

  • Qualifications


    The Crafts application defines the maintenance disciplines and competency levels, referred to as Skill Levels in Maximo. Qualifications define the specialist skills and certifications that a person possesses that may help to decide between one Labor record or another when assigning work. A qualification can also be a requirement to use a tool or a…

  • Labor


    A Labor record must reference a Person record but we will see later that you can create a Person record from the Labor application. But why do we have both in Maximo? A Labor record is used with work order assignments, a labor may be assigned to a crew position, so a Labor record performs…

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