Nuclear Application Maps (3 of 14) – Lineups

The Lineup Plans application specifies the approved operational configuration details of plant equipment components and component positions that are required for particular operating or test procedures and maintenance activities. The lineup plan leverages the component positions defined in the Locations and Assets applications. A lineup plan may reference one or more plant modes and it may be a requirement to enter a particular plant mode, the Mode Entry Requirement (MER). The lineup plan defines the execution plan for components and their positions and whether independent verification will be required of these component positions when the lineup plan is executed as part of a lineup. Lineup plans are under revision control. Equipment Groups can be used in various places in the Lineup Plans application.

The Lineups application provides the tracking of component positioning as part of operator walk-downs and clearance and tagging operations, it is an instance of a particular lineup plan. The lineup controls the sequencing of the changes to the component positions and of their independent verification as part of plant validation activities. 

Clearance can position components as part of its restoration process following a maintenance activity that has taken components out of service. The component positioning as part of the clearance can be used to claim credit in the execution of a lineup. As part of the execution of a lineup there may be a need to create a Condition Report.

The Lineups Kiosk application is used by operators on the floor who need to record the positions they have configured or independently verify component positions that have been configured by other operators. The same Maximo session allows multiple users to log on in turn and complete the details under their username.

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