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One small topic, 10 questions on Service Address:

Read the question, work out your answer, then use – Flip Card – to reveal the answer and explanation. There is no scoring, but you can score yourself.

The coloured symbols show the level of difficulty. You could be an expert in Maximo but know nothing about this subject, so do not be disheartened if you get a Beginner question wrong.

Q1 – What is the level at which a service address is defined?

  • A – Set
  • B – Organization
  • C – Site
  • D – System

Answer – B – Organization 

The application has both an Organization and Site field and while it is used on locations and assets which are site-level objects it is at the Organization level. This could be considered a trick question, but I included it because what you see in the user interface of an application may not always be the same as what you might expect to see if you are looking at the Database Configuration application and the Level field (MAXOBJECTCFG.SITEORGTYPE). You should get into the habit of checking this field especially if you are going to configure the Maximo system.

The business logic behind this is that there could be a repair center, internal or vendor, which is shared by multiple sites.

Q2 – Which field is used for the first line of a postal address, this is the field on which a structured address can be used?

  • A – Formatted Address
  • B – Street Address
  • C – House Name/Number
  • D – Description

Answer – B – Street Address 

The only field that does not exist in the Service Address application is the House Name/Number.

Q3 – What Service Address field is populated from the Map?

  • A – Formatted Address
  • B – Street Address
  • C – Reference Point
  • D – Description

Answer – A – The Formatted Address

The Formatted Address is populated from the nearest address to the map pin position and is provided by the GIS provider. If the map is connected to a spatial system, you can search the map and use the Set Record Location (right click) this creates a map pin and transfers the address to the Formatted Address field.

Q4 – What module will the Service Address application be found in?

  • A – Assets
  • B – Service Desk
  • C – System Configuration
  • D – Administration

Answer – D – Administration

A Service Address is used in the Assets, Locations, Service Requests and Work Order Tracking applications but it is an Administration application.

Q5 – As a non-administrative user in which two applications can you create a Service Address (pick two)?

  • A – Service Requests
  • B – Locations
  • C – Assets
  • D – Work Order Tracking
  • E – Companies

Answer – B – Locations and C – Assets

Locations and Assets both have a detail menu option of Create New Service Address which opens a dialog where the Service Address is auto-keyed, and you enter the Description. Afterwards the address fields on the Locations and Assets applications are available for you to enter the address details. The values you enter are being updated on the Service Address record.

Q6 – On a location it is possible to inherit the service address. How is this possible?

  • A – It uses the primary location hierarchy
  • B – It is rolled down to the location from its immediate parent
  • C – From any location system that you mark as the Address System
  • D – From the non-network system you mark as the Address System

Answer – D

The location system marked as the Address System must be a hierarchy and not a network, it need not be the system marked as the Primary System. The Service Address code is not copied to the location, but there is a pointer to the record.

Q7 – True or False? An asset can inherit a service address from a location.

Answer – True

It is true, a child asset can inherit its service address from ancestor assets that exist in a location that exists in the system marked as the address system.

Q8 – True or False? In the Service Requests application, you can use the fields on the Service Address tab if you make no reference to a location, asset, or an existing service address?

Answer – True

It is true, you can just enter the address details where a technician needs to go without there being a location, asset, or service address code. If there is a service address code, either inherited or directly associated with the location on the service address, the address details can still be updated. The service address details are copied to the service request or work order and held in the table TKSERVICEADDRESS or WOSERVICEADDRESS respectively.

Q9 – Where will I find the Service Address Options dialog?

  • A – Service Address application in the actions menu
  • B – In the System Properties application
  • C – In the Organizations application in the actions menu
  • D – In the Organizations application, in the actions menu under System Settings

Answer – C – In the Organizations application in the actions menu

Most dialogs that change settings will be found in this application. If the main object of an application is at the Organization or Site level, then settings must be changed in an application where you first choose the Organization. The System Properties are used for single values set for the whole Maximo system and not for an Organization or Site.

Q10 – How many radio button options are provided to set the Street Address format?

  • A – 2
  • B – 3
  • C – 4
  • D – 5

Answer – B – 3

There are three radio buttons, the default is House number, prefix, street name, street type, suffix, apartment. Maximo builds a structured value for the Street Address field from the dialog called Add/Modify Street Address that has these six fields.

I hope you enjoyed the quiz. The quiz was designated suitable for Intermediate level.

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