Work Zones

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workzonesWork Zones are used in Maximo to define areas in which locations and assets reside and in which labor and crews work. The Work Zone application will be found in the Administration – Resources sub-module, but only if you have a Scheduler license.

The Work Zone object is defined at the organization level and has few fields; an identifier, name and type. The type field is mandatory and must first be set up in the ALN domain WORKZNTYPE. You can associate one or more labor and crew with a work zone from either the Work Zone application or from a tab added to Labor and Crew applications, but unfortunately only one record at a time. For each labor or crew record one work zone can be set as the default. If another work zone is selected as the default then the previous work zone record is unchecked for the labor or crew record.

In Locations and Assets applications there is an action Associate Work Zone that is available from the List Tab; this allows the selected set of locations or assets to be associated with a work zone in one action. While a location or asset can belong to multiple work zones there is no default. 

Work zones are used when assigning labor or crew to a work order. In Work Order Tracking – Assignments Tab the Select Value on labor or crew fields are filtered so that if the location or asset on the work order belongs to a work zone then the labor or crew that can be selected is from the set where the default work zone matches that of the location or asset. If the location or asset does not have a work zone then Select Value filtering is by craft-skill level or crew type. If a work order has both a location and an asset and the location has a work zone but the asset does not then Select Value filtering is by craft-skill. There is no hard validation on the labor or crew fields, the user can use the Go To and return with a labor or crew that does not match the work zone of the location or asset. 

Work zones are used in the optimization rules of Maximo Scheduler.


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