Crew Types – Overview

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Crew Types is a template for Crews. A crew defines the labor and assets with specific craft-skill levels and qualifications needed to perform work. A crew type then is the required craft-skills, qualifications and tools that will need to be fulfilled by the members of a crew. Crew types are defined at the organization level (object AMCREWT) and the Crew Type application will be found under the Administration – Resources module.

Before starting with crew types the positions in the crew need to be defined in the ALN domain called AMCREWPOSITION. Each position in the crew will be filled by a labor that has a certain craft-skill level, therefore the next step is to define the craft-skill level for each position in the crew type. The select value on the craft record associated with the crew type (object AMCTCRAFT) is restricted to those craft that have been defined as being available for use with crews (ISCREW=1), there is a similar checkbox on the Tools application. As craft-skill level records are added to the crew type the hourly rate is calculated as the sum from each record, if the craft-skill level uses outside craft then this is the hourly rate from the vendor and/or labor rate contract. Field Override Hourly Rate can be used if the summed hourly rate is not appropriate, for example, to include a charge for the use of a vehicle or other tools.

As the required tools of the crew type are added (object AMCTTOOL) then if these tools have required qualifications (object TOOLQUAL) then these will be added to the crew type as a required qualification (object AMCTQUAL). These qualifications are not linked to a particular position in the crew type. Additional qualifications can be added and linked to a crew type position or alternatively a quantity given meaning that there must be at least this number of persons in a crew that hold this qualification.

Crew types are defined at the status of ACTIVE and can be made INACTIVE. Crew types can be associated with a Work Zone Type. Crew types cannot be deleted if they are being used on a Job Plan or Crew.


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