Inheriting Service Addresses

managesystemsLocations and assets can inherit their service address. The starting point is to define a location system as an Address System, this is performed using the action Manage Systems in the Locations application. Only one location system per site can be nominated as the address system and it must be a hierarchical system it cannot be a network system. When you have added an address system to a site then it cannot be removed an error message will be received, every site must have one address system.

If you associate a service address with a location in the location hierarchy then the descendants of the location in the address system will also show that address, however, only the location where you add the service address will be marked when looking at the records in the database, the descendants do not have any record in the database to show the service address (SADDRESSCODE) to which they belong. If the location or descendant locations have assets then these also show the service address. Sub-assembly assets show the service address of their location, but this is likely to be the same service address as the parent asset.

When a location is used on a work order the service address associated with the location is copied to table WOSERVICEADDRESS and here there is a reference to the originating service address (SADDRESSCODE). The Work Order Tracking application main tab shows a few of the primary address fields and full details are shown on the Service Address tab. If you change any of these address fields the Service Address and its description (WOSERVICEADDRESS.DESCRIPTION) are made null and hidden attribute ADDRESSISCHANGED is set to 1. If you update the service address from the Service Address application it does not update existing work orders.  

Similarly Service Request and Activities and Tasks applications have service address fields and a service address tab, as do Incident, Problem, Change and Release applications. The Service Request service address is stored in TKSERVICEADDRESS and for activities it is the WOSERVICEADDRESS.


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