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In Organizations application the action Service Address Options opens a dialogue box that can be used to change settings that effect the behaviour of service addresses, these are defined at the organization level.

Address master gives the option to use an external system e.g. GIS system as the master for service addresses. When this is set existing records become read-only, it is not possible to reposition the service address on a map, or delete it, and if a new record is inserted you will not be able to save it.

Service address format is used to define whether the top line of the service address is to conform to a structured format. When creating a new service address the Street Address (STREETADDRESS) attribute will be read-only and you will need to use the button Add/Modify Street Address.


In the dialogue box enter the relevant fields for House Number, Street Name, Street Type and Apartment/Unit/Suite number. Either a Direction Prefix or Direction Suffix can be given. When the OK button is pressed Maximo will format the street address according to which of the predefined formats was chosen in Service Address Options. The Direction Prefix/Suffix are compass points, N, NE, E, etc. The Street Type is a domain (STREETTYPE) with abbreviations, e.g. RD – Road, DR – Drive, etc.

Coordinates defines whether Latitude and Longitude or Y and X are used to define the exact map position. When using Maximo Anywhere or Maximo Spatial the radio button must be set to X and Y. Note. Latitude is considered Y and Longitude is considered X but they are two different co-ordinate systems.

The Create service addresses for child records of assets and locations checkbox allow you to dedicate a service address to a particular location or asset. A hidden attribute OBJECTNAME will be set to LOCATIONS or ASSET and when this has a value the Service Address will not be selectable on another Location or Asset. The easiest way to see this in action is by duplicating a location with a service address and then to go to the map tab and move the marker to a new point on the map. On save a new service address is created and the OBJECTNAME = ‘LOCATIONS’ and PARENT is set to the value of the previous SERVICEADDRESS.

The Always prompt when a service address changes on work orders or service requests checkbox determines whether the user will receive a warning when they change the location which has a different service address to that saved on the work order or service request. The message below is only displayed if the service address has been saved to the database, e.g. exists in WOSERVICEADDRESS object for a work order



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