Maximo HSE Application Maps – Defects (HSE)

HSE-DefectsA defect can be:

A defect is often thought of as an incident with a piece of equipment or a system. Some defects may result in an investigation in order to understand the true nature of the defect and then may be corrected immediately via a work order. Other defects are observations that would be corrected at some point in time, assuming an infinite amount of money, but cash is finite and, in some industries, defects can exist for years without correction. The severity of the defect will be monitored through routine inspections and the equipment fixed if the deterioration has resulted in an unsafe situation or other defects have been observed and these can be collectively fixed at the same time while the equipment or system has an outage.

Defects can be created from the Work Order Tracking (HSE), Audit and Survey (HSE), Operator Log (HSE) and Certifications (HSE) applications. For Operator Logs the Create Defect action can be performed at both the Shift Log and Log Entry levels.

The Defects (HSE) application is based on a view of a ticket called INCIDENT but it is used for non-HSE incidents. Use the Incidents (HSE) application for HSE related incidents. Defects (HSE) is a clone of the Maximo Incidents application, but with some additional functionality. The functionality of the base Incidents application is very similar to that described for Service Requests (HSE), a Service Request is another class of ticket.

The additional functionality added to Defects (HSE) is as follows:

Defect Tab

Context section


Defect Details section


Non-Conformance Tab

This tab is used if there has been a non-conformance with a regulation, operating policy or operating procedure.

Details Section

Non-Conformance References Section

Non-Conformance Tab

Related Records Tab

In addition to Related Tickets and Related Work Orders, HSE provides:

RelatedRecords Tab

Solution Details Tab

A solution is a knowledge document that can be applied for recurring defects. Alternatively, the fields on the Solution Details tab can be used to capture the symptom, cause and resolution and the Create Solution action used to create the knowledge document. A checkbox indicates whether a user can search for the knowledge document using the Self-Service Search Solutions application. The Solution Details can have associated attachments.

This is standard to the base Incidents application in Maximo, however HSE adds three additional fields which are read-only because they are on the associated Solution record:

SolutionDetails Tab

Action – Search Solutions



There is no Create Incident action but this could be added through configuration.

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