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Solutions (HSE)

A Solution is used for Knowledge Management and is most widely used on an Investigation. In an aging workforce capturing existing knowledge is an important activity.

The Solutions (HSE) application is a clone of the base Solution application in Maximo. A solution has three long description fields for Symptom, Cause and Resolution, each with rich text formatting. A solution can be classified, and the Specifications tab shows the attributes specific to the classification. Often a solution will have one or more attachments. An active solution is applied to an Incident and Problem in base Maximo.

If lessons are to be learnt and a useful knowledge base created, then the Solutions (HSE) application should have a wide base of authors. The solutions created should be curated, an appropriate reviewer assigned, and the solution approved. The approver may vary depending on whether the solution will be used locally, regionally or globally.

A solution can be created from the Incident (HSE), Defect (HSE) or Investigation (HSE) applications. Those applications also have a Solution Details tab. These are the ticket-based applications but there is no solution on a Service Request.

The solution’s classification is important because it provides a structured search. From the Incident (HSE), Defect (HSE) or Investigation (HSE) applications there is a Search Solution action and when opened the initial query looks for solutions where there is a match to the classification on the incident, defect or investigation.

The additional functionality added to Solutions (HSE) application is as follows:

Solution Tab


Ownership Tab

User Information section

Approval Details section

The approvers that can be entered in this section need to have their person record set to be “Authorised for Solution Approval”, this is found in the Details Tab of People (HSE) application.

People - Authorised for SolutionApproval

The Owner and Owner Group fields are set using the actions Take Ownership or Select Owner:

The first set of seven fields in the Approval Details section are all read-only.

In the next set of fields, use the check box first, then enter the approver.

Ownership Tab

Dates Section:

Solution Area Section:

The three checkboxes and the Reference Solution field act like a radio button. Only one of Global Solution, Regional Solution and Local Solution can be checked and these three fields cannot be used when a value is entered for the Reference Solution.

The Global, Regional and Local checkboxes would be used for filtering. Solution records are defined at the System level. Use the Regional checkbox when the Solution is to be used across your Organization and Local checkbox when it is to be used for your Site. However, there are no defined filtering rules, these would need to be applied through configuration. It is also not possible to indicate that a solution is relevant to multiple organizations or multiple sites.

Ownership Tab - Dates

Benefits Tab

Multiple benefit records can be associated with a solution, these are the benefits expected to be gained by applying the solution. These records would normally be created in the Benefits and Losses (HSE) application, but a benefit record can be created by adding a value to the Estimated Benefit and Estimated Benefit Units fields.

Details Section:

Estimates Section:

Reference Benefits Section:

This set of nine fields provides a window onto the Benefit and Losses record. All the fields are read-only.

Benefits Tab

Log Tab

The Log tab behaves similarly to that for the Ticket and Work Order based applications. The Log tab has two sub-tabs, one for Work Log and the other for Communication Log.

Log Tab

Related Records Tab

The Related Records Tab shows where the solution has been related to a ticket or work order.


View Investigations action

The View Investigations action shows the Investigation on which the Solution appears in either the Solution or Lesson learned tabs.

View Investigations

Self-Service Search Solutions application

When the Self-Service Access field is checked on a solution record then it will become visible in the Search Solutions application found in the Self-Service Module – Service Requests sub module.


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