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The Locations and Assets applications are used for the master equipment list of a nuclear plant. Maximo for Nuclear Power extends these core applications with functionality to support the allowable positions and restoration conditions of components used in Lineups and Clearances. The Locations and Assets applications will also show the results of configuration change events. This creates an audit trail of changes to key attributes of the location or asset, when this was changed, who by, and the new and old values.

Fields are provided for reporting against the Standard Nuclear Performance Model (SNPM) which was established by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) to identify best practices, benchmarks and KPIs to support effective nuclear asset management and to compare performance to these benchmarks between nuclear facilities. These fields are copied to the work order when the location or asset are referenced on it and combined with other work order fields to enable SNPM reporting.

Locations can be associated with technical specifications defined in the Tech Specs application, this is to allow the easy identification of locations that are affected when plant conditions deviate from regulatory requirements. The association allows you to also see the actions that apply when the location is subject to maintenance or test (Surveillance Requirements) activities under these plant conditions. Over time as other processes occur in Maximo the operational history of your master equipment is established, and this is visible from the Locations and Assets applications.

Equipment Groups are any grouping of locations for functional, operational, scheduling or other purposes and are used throughout Maximo. Boundary equipment groups are used to identify the components involved in various clearance scenarios depending on the plant modes. The grouping of locations may be based on a particular characteristic of the location. 

Special Use Locations are a type of location that is not a physical location. They are safety notes, comments or reference locations that contain important information used in a clearance. For example, a special use location might be a generic key ring, multiple instances of which can be used on a Clearance.

Maximo for Nuclear Power supports the creation of Quick Locations and Quick Assets. These are components which are not on the master equipment list, but which may be needed for maintenance or operational reasons, for example, they may be components of an asset with a meter or a sensor for which readings and measurements are recorded as part of a round. Quick Locations and Quick Assets can enter the master equipment list as part of the change and configuration management processes.

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