Nuclear Application Maps (5 of 14) – Commitment Tracking

A commitment is made when a nuclear power plant has to comply with external regulatory requirements, and industry codes and standards. Commitments can also be internal resulting from audits or reviews, used to reinforce policies and procedures or when there is a change to those policies and procedures. The commitment will result in actions performed on locations and assets, or other activities, for example training.  

The Commitment Tracking application identifies and monitors the commitments that are being made. Commitments are actioned by generating work orders and progressed by monitoring the statuses of those work orders. Commitments may result in the generation of additional frequency-based activities which are handled through the Preventive Maintenance application. Periodic assessment on the progress of the commitment can be recorded with review by responsible departments and individuals. 

The Asset List application can be used to create groups of locations or assets and the work that needs to be performed in order to satisfy the commitment. The work is defined in the Job Plans application and the asset list is applied to the commitment to create the commitment actions. 

Master PM can also be used to create the commitment actions. When a Master PM is selected you are presented with the locations and assets that belong to the Item Master item referenced on the Master PM. You select the locations and assets on which you wish to create a commitment action.

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