Nuclear Application Maps (6 of 14) – Condition Reports and Corrective Actions

Condition Report is used to report on the condition or performance of assets and locations, but to also report on issues that may be related to procedures and processes. The condition reporting and corrective action program is used to improve plant performance. 

The Create Condition Report application can be used by anyone on site. A classification is used to define the type of observation being made and this classification may create a set of questions relevant to that observation. The originator would enter the condition details, any initial actions taken and if they are qualified a suggested solution. The originator should attempt to identify the location, asset or configuration item which may be the subject of the condition report.

The Create Condition Report application can be opened directly from the Start Center, Maximo’s dashboard for users performing a specified role. The quick insert portlet can be used to create a list of the most frequently used types of condition report for that role. As the user clicks the link the Create Condition Report application opens with a record inserted and some fields already completed. This is based on a specific record entered in the Ticket Template application which acts as a template for the condition report. This makes it easier and faster to capture condition reports of a certain type in a consistent manner.

The Condition Report application is then used by the control room or other teams, the condition report is routed to the right team by a configurable workflow process based on the type of condition report created. The condition report has similar functions to that found on a service desk application with the ability to manage multiple activities, apply a condition report level that calculates a completion time, look for similar condition reports and relate them, etc. The condition report may be screened with an operations shift review who may identify a Limiting Condition for Operation and any relevant Tech Specs.

After investigation a solution may be defined, or a solution applied from the solution library defined in the Solutions application. Trending is enabled by linking the condition report to one or more trend classifications defined in the Classifications application. Condition reports can then be related to each other in order to show evidence of operating experience based on those trends.

From the condition report you can create one or more work orders and place these under corrective action control which stops them from being deleted, cancelled or the relationship to the condition report being deleted. Similarly, you can relate the condition report to one or more Preventive Maintenance records and place this under corrective action control, the PM records may represent surveillance activities. As work is performed, corrective action control can be released from the condition report. A condition report may be created from other Maximo applications including a Lineup, a Clearance, a Duty Stations round, an LCO Tracking event, or from Work Order Tracking for all types of work orders or surveillances.

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