Nuclear Application Maps (8 of 14) – Impact Plans

In Nuclear environments, on-line and outage work management is operationally focused and requires extensive planning beyond the work itself. Each activity is analysed in respect of the risk assessment, compliance with technical specifications, interdepartmental coordination and the permit processes. Contingency planning will also be performed.

The Impact Plans application is used to define the impacts on operations and maintenance when work is performed. An impact plan template is specific to the type of work, defined in the Job Plans application, and the related location or asset. When a work order occurs an impact plan may be selected, and this creates a working impact plan which is processed on the work order. The work order’s impact plan may be created automatically when the work order is generated from a Preventive Maintenance (PM) record.

The operational impact identifies the effect of performing the work on operations. It identifies associated Tech Specs, retest PM records, the components that will become unavailable and the tasks this is linked to, and the anticipated plant responses or events. The maintenance impact is the required support needed from the non-operations team, what notifications and support will be needed, which teams or people to co-ordinate with and what Permits will be required. 

The Events application is used to define plant events and the response to take when the event occurs. For example, an alarm, an equipment trip, or other control room indicators. Events can be related to impact plans and work orders. 

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