Nuclear Application Maps (7 of 14) – Permits

The Permits application supports the creation of many types of work permit for plant operations, engineering activities as well as maintenance. Work permits can be created stand-alone and related to a work order, or they can be generated from a work order, or created automatically when a Preventive Maintenance record with a related Impact Plan generates a work order.

While permits are normally closely linked to one or more work orders, they may themselves contain work steps to establish prerequisite conditions. Permits can also be grouped into a hierarchy which would be useful for outages. You can record the inspections that take place to verify that the permit conditions are being maintained. 

A permit is fully integrated with Clearances in the same manner as a work order, from the raising of clearance requests, acceptance by the maintenance supervisor following tagging and isolation, through sign on/off processes, to the release of clearance control back to operations after the permit has expired. 

Quick Permits is a simpler application for ad-hoc permits where there is a focus on the tasks and requirements of the permit, rather than the planning of the permit. There is no ability to create a clearance request from this application. The quick permits application could be used for permit requests, with the planning and execution of the permit carried out in the Permits application.

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