It is almost 5 years since Maximo for Service Providers 7.6 was released and there have been a further eight feature packs or fix packs since. This page gives a snapshot of the changes that have been made.

Maximo for Service Providers 7.6 to
Maximo for Service Providers 7.6 to

Maximo for Service Providers 7.6 (12-Dec-2014)

  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Warning when a bill batch is created for an agreement with an open bill batch
  • Filter tickets by the reporting customer or the owner of the location or asset

Maximo for Service Providers 7.6.1 (11-Sep-2015)

  • Create an estimate before work begins
  • SLA Breaches and target delivery date commitments
  • Project milestone billing
  • Bill in customer currency
  • Recording bill batch payments
  • Make customer terms visible on tickets, work orders and sales orders
  • Visibility of unbilled transactions
  • Bill location and asset usage meters
  • Monthly billing dates can be 29th, 30th or last day of month
  • Pricing for customer provided items
  • Customer pool agreements
  • Customer MRO agreements – specify SOW details

Maximo for Service Providers 7.6.2 (11-Dec-2015)

  • Labor price books – Craft/Skill level only
  • Templates in Customer Agreements
  • Visibility of bill processing from Service request and Work Order Tracking
  • Add multiple work orders, tickets or sales orders to a bill batch
  • Update customer references on a bill batch
  • Set the bill line status from Work Order Tracking

Maximo for Service Providers (8-Jul-2016)

  • Fix Pack

Maximo for Service Providers (28-Oct-2016)

  • Select Price Schedule to multiple work orders
  • Create Customer Bill action on work order
Maximo for Service Providers 7.6.3 to
Maximo for Service Providers 7.6.3 to

Maximo for Service Providers 7.6.3 (3-Mar-2017)

  • Apply Customer Agreements to multiple work orders
  • Sales Order allows parts to be sold to customers
  • Charge billable transactions to multiple customer
  • Organizations application allows the service provider details to be recorded
  • View a summary of customer estimates from SR that goes across multiple work orders or child work orders

Maximo for Service Providers (22-Sep-2017)

  • Mass update Estimate Status Changes
  • Calculate Special Fees and Charges 
  • Job Card Pricing
  • Customer Down Payments
  • Postpone transactions from Billing

Maximo for Service Providers (10-Aug-2018)

  • Split work order by payer by setting the payer on planned and actual transactions
  • Ability to add additional payers to the work order so that they can be used to split payment of the work order at transaction level
  • Add the Bill Payer to Fees and Charges
  • Sales Order can be used to loan or rent equipment to customers.
  • Create Customer Bill action on a Sales Order.
  • Customer BLOCKED status stops customer being used on new tickets, work orders and work packages but you can continue to bill for existing work.
  • Assets in a Customer Agreement Scope of Work can now be automatically added to Price Schedule.

Maximo for Service Providers (31-May-2019)

  • Estimating and billing fixed quotes for labor, materials and services
  • On Customer Agreements allow pricing by labor transaction type
  • On Sales Order rent, loan or lease tools to customer
  • Customer data restrictions enforced in Service Request Work Center