Hazards in Item/Organization Details

There are a few fields in the dialog for the action Item/Organization Details in Item Master application that you might have wondered what they are for. In this article we will discuss the Hazard field.

Some items that you procure or stock in inventory are hazardous materials. The main aim then is to associate a hazard with an item, the hazard is likely to be marked as a hazardous material. The Hazard field has a Select Value lookup to the hazards for the organization. Incidentally the MSDS field on the Item Master application can be used to reference the Material Safety Data Sheet number.

When a hazard has been applied to the item, then when you add the item to the Plans – Materials tab, in the Work Order Tracking application, then –

– the hazard is also added to the Hazards table window in the Safety Plans tab, along with any precautions associated with the hazard.

In the Hazards application there are at least two validations which check the hazard field on the Item/Organization Details:

In both cases it is the hazard associated with an item in the Item/Organization Details that it is referring to.

If the hazard has associated Hazardous Materials Information, then – 

– this is copied across to the Hazardous Materials tab on the work order.

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