Item – Add as Spare Part

On Item Master application the “Add as Spare Part” field should be set for non-rotating items which are used as spare parts of assets.

On the Assets application for rotating asset 2169 that belongs to rotating item AJE02, there is currently no sub-assemblies or spare parts. I have used the action Issue Items from Storeroom and added the CENTRAL storeroom to the Default Table Data and selected two items:

The quantity issue is 1 for each record. This is going to create a Material Usage financial transaction in the MATUSETRANS object/table for each item issued. A GL Debit Account has had to be completely filled for each item, GL validation is switched-on for the organization where the asset resides.

You need to refresh the asset record after pressing OK, you won’t see the Spare Part record until you do. On the Spare Parts tab, item 12853 which had the “Add to Spare Part?” on the item record checked has been added as a spare part, 117021 has not been added as a spare part. Notice that the IssuedQty (Issued Quantity) field has been incremented by the quantity issued.

On the Item Master application, the “Add as Spare Part?” check box is blanked and made read-only if the “Rotating?” field is checked. Both fields cannot both be selected. For rotating items there is a check box with a similar function – “Attach to Parent Asset on Issue?”

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