Quiz – How well do you know Maximo? – Item/Organization Details

One small topic, 10 questions on Item/Organization Details (ITEMORGINFO):

Q1 – How are the records created in the object/table that supports the action Item/Organization Details?

                  A – By using the New Row button

                  B – By entering a new item

                  C – By entering a new item or by using the New Row button

                  D – By entering a new item or by entering a new organization

Q2 – Does a Special Order Item create a record in the Item/Organization Details?

                  A – No item is created in the Item Master application, a special order item only exists in Purchasing documents 

                  B – No, a special order item only exists at the Item Set level

                  C – No, but you create one if you need to store the record in a storeroom using the New Row button

                  D – Yes, Maximo handles this automatically

Q3 – Which of the three item types allow you to enter a Hazard?

Q4 – In which Maximo application would you see the benefit of entering a Hazard for an item?

Q5 – Which item type will allow you to record an outside vendor at the level of an item-organization?

Q6 – What field on the Tool/Organization Details is used by Job Plan and Work Order Tracking applications?

Q7 – Where will the Tax Exempt check box be found on the Item Master application?

                  A – There is no Tax Exempt check box in Item Master application it is on the Inventory application

                  B – On Item main tab only

                  C – On Item main tab and Item/Organization Details only

                  D – On Item/Organization Details and Vendors tab only

                  E – On Item main tab, Item/Organization Details, and Vendors tab

Q8 – What is the connection between the Tax Exempt Code found on the Company Master and Companies applications and any of the Tax Exempt check boxes found on Item Master application?

Q9 – A three-part question:

Q10 – Another three-part question:

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