Hazards on Item Master

This is the final part in a series of five articles that will provide a deep dive into the Safety module of core Maximo. In the first part we examined Hazards and Precautions, which is relevant to this article. You can find it here:

Hazards and Precautions

You may have noticed that in the Item Master application that there was a Hazard referenced in the dialog for the action Item/Organization Details and wondered how it is used. It adds the hazard to a work order when the item is used on a work plan material record. It is primarily used for warning users of the work order when handling hazardous materials. This article will illustrate this.

In the Hazards application I have created a new hazard BATACID – Battery Acids, and I have made it both Precaution and Hazardous Material enabled. In the Hazardous Material Information, I have added ratings for the four fields Health, Flammability, Reactivity and Contact.

In the Precautions tab, GLOVES – Wear Gloves, has been added as an Associated Precaution.

In the Item Master application for item EB12 – 12 Volt Battery, the action Item/Organization Details is used, and this is where you can associate a hazard, the new hazard BATACID has been used.

There is no similar field in the Tools or Service Items application, although it does exist in the table ITEMORGINFO.

In the Work Order Tracking application, a new work order 1297 – Replace battery on bucket truck, has been created for asset 1422 – Bucket Truck used by overhead line crews.

In the Plans tab and Materials subtab, we have created a requirement for quantity 1 of item EB12 the 12 Volt Battery, which we can get from the CENTRAL storeroom. I had saved the record at this point.

If you navigate to the Safety Plans tab you can see that the hazard BATACID and its associated precaution GLOVES has been copied to the work order.

In the Hazardous Materials tab, we also find the BATACID hazard with its ratings for Health, Flammability, Reactivity and Contact, copied from the Hazard record.

Incidentally, I ran a scenario for a hazard that had precautions and was not hazardous material enabled and the hazard was copied to the work order.

The other scenario I ran was a hazard that was tag out enabled and the following error was received on the work order “BMXAA4677E – A tag out must reference an asset or a location. Specify an asset or a location for the tag out.” I really wasn’t surprised by this, and perhaps the Hazard field in the Item Master application and Item/Organization Details dialog should filter out Tag Out Enabled hazards.

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