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Last Updated on October 29, 2023 by maximosecrets

In the Classifications application and actions Add/Modify Properties – Attributes, there is a new data type of DATE. I can’t say when exactly this was added but I am using Maximo with an IFIX from November 2020. So, fantastic, let’s give it a whirl, I think many Maximo consultants would be interested in this.

I’ve just finished an article on the Self-Service Service Request, and so I thought why not create a request for a period of holiday. I’ve created two new attributes both of DATE data type.

The article on Self-Service Service Request can be found here:

In the Classifications application I’ve created a new classification, 20404 – Holiday Request, which I’ve added to the parent classification 2 \ 204 – Request for Services \ HR. This was associated with the objects taken from the parent object, although only SR would be relevant in this case.

At the bottom of the Holiday Request classification, I’ve added the two attributes HOLSTART and HOLFINISH. HOLSTART was added first so it picked-up the sequence of 1, which you could see if you used the “Use With Object Detail” button at the end of the Attributes table window. The sequence will mean that Holiday Start attribute will be shown before Holiday Finish attribute on the service request, the sequence for HOLFINISH was 2.

In the Create Service Request application, a part of the Self-Service module, and while logged-in as REDDING, I typed holiday in the Class Description and as this was the only classification with the word “holiday” it found the classification and defaulted the Summary field, this is using the description generation function explained in the article on the Self-Service Service Request.

Previously you needed to use the long description to request the dates of your holiday.

Now, with a little bit of work in the Application Designer application for applications CREATESR and VIEWSR, I have a Date Value column to use for the Holiday Start and Holiday Finish attributes. The normal DATELOOKUP lookup was used in Application Designer, and this provided a date lookup, but no time element. The two dates for a holiday from 18-Oct-21 to 22-Oct-21 were selected using the date lookup.

I’ve submitted the holiday request and it created Service Request 1290. This shows the two specification attributes with the Date Values for the holiday start and finish.

Service Request 1290 can be routed through to Tony Redding’s supervisor and the holiday request accepted or rejected using the Work Log as the vehicle for communication between Tony and his supervisor Ed Adams, but then that’s the story for another article.  

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  1. diegovisentin avatar

    Is this new date type only available for SRs? I ask because in the Maximo preview it does not seem to exist for assets and workorders. (but maybe it was just hidden)

    1. maximosecrets avatar

      Yes, it is only available for tickets. I’m hoping that it will at least make work orders in 7613. Then, why not make it available on other objects.

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