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A Person Group is a collection of people and is used in various places throughout Maximo but was originally created to support Workflow.

When a Person Group is added you would provide a description and decide whether it is going to be used within the Crews application, if so then you would check the “Crew Work Group” attribute. The action “Make Available to Crews” is available from the List tab and operates against the selected set of Person Group records, when used it sets the check box “Crew Work Group”.

When adding the set of people associated with the person group you can mark the person as the group default, organization default or site default. Only one person can be the site default for a site, only one person can be the organization default for an organization and only one person can be the group default. The sequence number is mandatory and is used in Workflow assignments. Only people with a status of ACTIVE can be added to a person group. You cannot change the status of a person to INACTIVE if they are a member of a person group.

When marking a person as the organization default an organization is needed. Similarly when marking a person as the site default a site is needed. There is no correlation between the site and the Person’s Site attribute on the person record. You cannot add an organization or site after the person has been added to a person group. The record will need to be deleted and re-entered.

A person cannot belong to the same person group multiple times unless they are for different organizations or for different sites in an organization. A person can be an alternate for another person in the same group.

The top table window is sometimes referenced as the primary persons of the person group. Below it the “Alternates For” table window allows other people to be referenced which are alternates for the primary person. This is used in Workflow, however, when using the Select Owner dialog box on Tickets and Work Orders the alternate persons will still appear.

Where are Person Groups used?

A Person Group is commonly used as an Owner Group on the ticket or work order based applications. It can also be referenced:

When attempting to delete a person group then many of these areas are checked to see whether the person group is still referenced on an active record.

Applying a Work Group to a Work Order

When a Work Group is selected on a work order then if there is a site default that matches the work orders’ site then this person will be assigned as the Lead. If there is no site default but an organization default that matches the organization then this person is selected as the Lead, otherwise the Group default person is added as the Lead on the work order.

Using a Person Group on a Workflow Assignment

In Workflow assignments you use a Role that resolves to a particular person or person group. When the role is represented by a person group then when the workflow assignment is set to broadcast each member of the person group will be assigned to the task. However, if broadcast remains unchecked then search logic is used to determine who to assign the task to.

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  1. Angel Merino avatar
    Angel Merino

    Excellent article.
    Person Groups can also be used in CHANGE packages in Migration Manager to define a list of developers. The package the will track the activity of that list of developers ins order to identify changes in Maximo to be migrated to other environments

  2. KirillCh avatar

    Hello! Can you please more widely describe the meaning of the alternatives in the PersonGroup.
    If you can show it with the simple case – that will be enough, I think.
    Thank You!

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