Maximo HSE Application Maps – Regulatory Compliance (HSE)


Regulatory Compliance (HSE)

The Regulatory Compliance application will be used mainly for recording external regulations and their certifying authorities that are relevant in the performance of activities across Maximo. The attachments icon is likely to contain a URL link to either the web page of the regulation or a copy of the regulation booklet.

A regulation record can be referenced in many places across the HSE suite of applications. In some applications there is a Regulations Tab with a table window allowing multiple regulations to be referenced. In other applications there is a single field for referencing the relevant regulation.

The Regulatory Compliance (HSE) application could also be used for performance standards particular those set by external bodies. If this application is used for internal regulations, then care should be taken as to how this overlaps with operating policies entered through the Operating Policies (HSE) application.

Regulations are often associated with Health, Safety or Environment. There is another type of regulation, a safety case. These are documents that provide evidence and argument that a system is acceptably safe for a specific application and operating environment. It is used in the process of obtaining a safety certificate from a regulatory body. Safety Cases are used in aviation, rail, nuclear and medical device industry sectors. Other industries may use risk assessments.

The main object for a Regulation resides at the SYSTEMORGSITE level. Regulations are often country or region specific and if the Maximo system is using multiple organizations and sites then some consideration will be needed as to whether Regulations are entered against a specific Organization or Site or whether these two fields are left blank and then how regulations might be effectively filtered when searching for them.

Regulations have to be at ACTIVE state to be referenced in other Maximo applications. Some regulation records will be defined to be specifically used in only one application, see Applies To field below.

Regulation Tab


Log Tab

This is the standard tab seen in many applications with sub tabs for Work Log and Communication Log.


Where Used Tab

The Where Used tab has a series of sub tabs each with a table window indicating the records where the regulation has been used. The records are read-only, and you cannot insert a record or delete a record from these table windows.

There are other applications where regulations are used, and additional subtabs could be configured to show these. Preventive Maintenance would be a good example because the Preventive Maintenance (HSE) application has a Regulations tab allowing multiple regulations to be entered. You probably would not do this for Work Order Tracking (HSE) because it is a high-volume application and the regulation may have been copied from the location, asset, job plan or PM.


There is functionality on the Regulations tab of Locations (HSE), Assets (HSE), Job Plans (HSE) and Preventive Maintenance (HSE) applications to copy the regulation to the work order when the location, asset, job plan or PM is referenced.


On Work Order Tracking (HSE) application on the Regulations tab there is a checkbox on a regulation record copied from a location, asset, job plan or PM, which by default will be checked. If the work order will not be completed against the regulation, then it can be unchecked, but not after the work order has reached INPRG (In Progress) state when it will become read-only.




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