Inventory Usage statuses

The Inventory Usage records have the following statuses:

ENTEREDThe default status when you insert a record in the Inventory Usage application
STAGEDUsed when you have collected the items from the storeroom bins, and they are ready to be issued or transferred. They exist in a staging bin. You cannot move to staged status when there are items that are being returned. The staged status occurs before completion or shipping, but it is an optional step.
SHIPPEDUsed with transfers and indicates that items are in transit, this is the transfer out of the source storeroom. Inventory Usage documents which go through a shipped status are then picked-up in the Shipment Receiving application. This is the transfer into the destination storeroom and would include the inspections associated with receiving items. At this status the record is read-only, with the exception of the description field. You can go directly to Shipped status from Entered status.
COMPLETEUsed with issues, returns and transfers. It is the final step of these processes and balances would have been adjusted. You may or may not complete after a staging step, but not after shipping. At this status the record is read-only.
CANCELLEDWhen you cancel an Inventory Usage record it becomes read-only, and you cannot subsequently change its status again. You can cancel if the Inventory Usage document is at ENTERED or STAGED or at SHIPPED if no receipts have occurred. You cannot cancel an inventory usage document that has reached COMPLETE state.

There is a Change Status action, but also actions for Change Status to Complete, Change Status to Cancelled, Change Status to Staged, and Change Status to Shipped. There is also an action View Status History.

Cancelling a Shipment

When the Inventory Usage document is at SHIPPED status and receipts are marked as NONE then the Change Status to Cancelled action will change the status of the Inventory Usage document to CANCELLED and will reverse the balances by the quantities of the items to be transferred. You cannot cancel if the inspection process has started in the Shipment Receiving application.

When the Inventory Usage document is at SHIPPED status and receipts are marked as PARTIAL or COMPLETE then the Change Status to Cancelled action will open but you will get the following error messages:

You will also get a similar message if the receipts are marked as NONE but, in the Shipment Receiving application one of the Inventory Usage lines is at Waiting for Inspection status (WINSP). The receipt can be rejected during the inspection step, and if this is the only line then the shipment record and the inventory usage record will both be marked as COMPLETE.


The Inventory Usage application is not enabled for Workflow by default. If you go to the Workflow Designer application and start to create a new process based on object INVUSE, you will not find that object. The Select Value is based on objects that are marked as a main object. You will need to go to the Database Configuration application, find the INVUSE object, check the Main Object attribute, save and then use the Apply Configuration Changes action and perform the structural change.

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