Security in Inventory Usage

When you use the Inventory Usage application the storerooms that you have access to are dependent on your user security profile. How the application defaults the attributes in the header of a new record will also depend on your profile. This is best illustrated with an example.

I have logged in as user HUNTER, navigated to the Inventory Usage application and used the New Inventory Usage button. The defaulted attributes are as follows:

In the Default Information, part of the user profile for John Hunter, the “Default Insert Site” is set to TEXAS, that determines the Site attribute for the inventory usage record. The value of “Default Storeroom for Self-Service Requisitions” (MAIN) determines the From Storeroom for the inventory usage record. To be able to enter a value in this field you need to select the “Storeroom Site for Self-Service Requisitions”, the MAIN storeroom is in the TEXAS site.

In the Storerooms application for the MAIN storeroom in TEXAS site the Inventory Owner field has been set to AJE – Andrew Jeffery (that’s me) and that is carried through to the Inventory Owner field on the inventory usage record when MAIN is referenced in the From Storeroom.

Storeroom Access

When you look at the security profile of HUNTER in the User application you would see that he has access to the sites BEDFORD, MCLEAN and TEXAS. These sites are all in the EAGLENA organization. 

If you drilldown within each site to Storerooms you would find that HUNTER has no access to storerooms in the BEDFORD or MCLEAN sites but in TEXAS he has access to the MAIN storeroom. We know that HUNTER can at least issue and return items from the MAIN storeroom in TEXAS, but could he transfer items?

I’ve created an Inventory Usage record logged in as HUNTER with the From Storeroom of MAIN in TEXAS site. When you create an inventory usage line with a Usage Type of Transfer the Transfer Details section opens for you to pick the To Storeroom. For all of the storerooms in the BEDFORD site you would get the error message “BMXAA2700E – HUNTER is not allowed to use storeroom CENTRAL.”  or something similar. This is because he has no access to any storerooms in the BEDFORD site. In fact, the only transfer he can do is transfer an item from the MAIN storeroom to the MAIN storeroom, which he might want to do after moving a balance from one bin to another.

In the Security Groups application your administrator must use the Storerooms tab to grant access to the storerooms which a user should be able to access, in order for them to issue, return and transfer to and from those storerooms. The BEDFORDSITE security group gives storeroom access to CENTRAL, GARAGE, MACHSHOP and PKG in the BEDFORD site. On the Users tab I have now added HUNTER to this security group. 

Now when HUNTER logs in he will be able to transfer items between MAIN and any of those four storerooms in BEDFORD site, and vice versa. He will also be able to transfer items from CENTRAL in BEDFORD site to GARAGE in BEDFORD site. He has access to 5 storerooms, and so he can transfer items between any of them.

The Security Groups Storeroom access determine the storerooms in which the user can issue, return items, and also the from and to storerooms used in item transfers.

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