Change Status to Staged in Inventory Usage

When an inventory usage record at ENTERED status has been saved then, the next status can be to COMPLETE, STAGED or SHIPPED.

We’ll start by taking inventory usage record 1105, an issue of item 11453, through STAGED and then COMPLETE statuses.

I’ve navigated from the inventory usage record to the inventory record for item 11453 in the GARAGE storeroom. You can see that the Current Balance is 1, and there is none available because quantity of 1 has a hard reservation, our reservation.

When we use the action “Change Status to Staged” we have three radio button options:

With staging you would normally go and physically pick the items required and package them together ready for collection or shipment. One of the top two radio buttons is most likely to be used. If you are going to stage, then you probably want to set-up a Staging Bin reference on your Inventory records and use the top radio button, which is the default. But we have chosen to add to the COLLECT bin, which actually does not yet exist.

You cannot change status to STAGED if the inventory usage record has a line with a usage type of RETURN. You will receive the error message “BMXAA4042E – The status cannot be changed for the selected records.”

When we look at the record in the Inventory application the current balance is now 0, there is still a Hard Reserved Quantity of 1 but Quantity Staged is now 1 and Hard Reserved Quantity Not Staged is now 0. 

In the Inventory Balances table window, there is a new COLLECT bin and the Staging Bin (STAGEBIN) field is checked. This checkbox is controlled by Maximo and it is set to be read-only. These staging bins are automatically created which allows them to also be deleted by Maximo. 

Notice that the Staged Balance (STAGECURBAL) is 1. You cannot delete an inventory balance record when this field has a value greater than zero, you will get the error message “BMXAA7698E – The inventory balances record cannot be deleted. The record contains a quantity of items that is set for issue or transfer.”

Incidentally, if you use the second radio button option on the Change Status dialog and leave the Stage Bin field blank then, a record will be created in the Inventory Balances table window but with a blank Bin (BINNUM) field. 

You cannot perform a physical count on a Staging Bin, where STAGEBIN=1, it doesn’t appear in the Physical Count Adjustment action and dialog.

There is a financial process that occurs on the MATRECTRANS table with a transaction type of STAGETRANSFER, you can see it by using the action View Transactions, it is on the Transfers tab and is recording the transfer from one bin to another in the same storeroom. It is worth mentioning that financial transactions that take place after this point will use the MATRECTRANS record rather than the original inventory usage line, for example, if you now cancel the inventory usage document it will reverse the position by using the MATRECTRANS record.

There is a Staged Quantity (STAGEDQTY) field on the inventory reservations table (INVRESERVE) which is also updated, although you need to unhide it to see it. If the inventory usage line was not associated with a reservation, then this will not be updated.

Changing status to CANCELLED from STAGED uses the MATRECTRANS record with transaction type STAGETRANSFER to reverse the balances and delete the staging bins or reduce their staged balance quantities. This creates a second MATRECTRANS record which will also have a transaction type of STAGETRANSFER. The quantities in this second record are still positive, not negative, but the From Bin is the staging bin and the To Bin is the bin used in the original MATRECTRANS record.

The inventory usage record is now at STAGED status, and everything is read-only with the exception of the description field and its long description. All the buttons below the Usage Lines table window are no longer visible, and the Delete Row button will provide an error message.

If this is an issue then it is likely someone will turn up at the storeroom to collect the item and we then move the status to COMPLETE, which is what we will do. If this is a transfer, and someone isn’t collecting, then it is likely you will go to SHIPPED status, we’ll show that with one of the other inventory usage records that we prepared in the section on reservations.

The Change Status to Complete action has fewer options and provides just the memo field. When we press OK, now even the description field is read-only, but not the long description. The View Transactions action will show the issue transaction on the Issues/Returns tab, this is the MATUSETRANS financial transaction. For issues, the quantity is negative as you are reducing the balance.

On the Inventory application the Quantity Staged and the Hard Reserved Quantity are both now zero and in the Inventory Balances table window the COLLECT bin has been deleted by Maximo. Maximo deletes the bin when Staged Balance reaches zero. If there was another issue for the same item that was also at staged in the COLLECT bin, then the Staged Balance would just be reduced, the inventory balances record would not be deleted in this case. The Issue History section shows that quantity of 1 item has been issued this year. 

Inventory usage records at COMPLETE status are not shown by default on the List Tab of the application, you need to change the filter on the Status field or, create a saved query.

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