Change Status to Shipped in Inventory Usage

When an inventory usage record at ENTERED status has been saved then the next status can be to COMPLETE, STAGED or SHIPPED. You can go direct from ENTERED to SHIPPED, although I think most clients would go ENTERED, STAGED, SHIPPED. I have already discussed staging so we will use inventory usage record 1106 to go direct from ENTERED to SHIPPED. This inventory usage record was for a transfer of items 11453 and 61503 across site from CENTRAL-BEDFORD to GARAGE-NASHUA, it was against an internal PO.

When we use the action “Change Status to Shipped” there is only the memo field to use. Note. That the Split Usage Quantity dialog may open first if the quantity required cannot be satisfied from the one bin and/or lot, or the quantity of the rotating item is greater than one.

However, on pressing the OK button the Create Shipment dialog opens. This is based on two tables SHIPMENT and SHIPMENTLINE. The Shipment Receiving application is based on the SHIPMENT table.

The Shipment Number will be created automatically by the autokey and the Shipment Date is defaulted to the current date/time but can be amended. I entered the Ship To address, the Expected Receipt Date and the Attention of fields. There was no carry over from the Ship To fields on the internal Purchase Order – a pity. There are far more fields on the SHIPMENT table than are shown here. 

You cannot modify or delete the shipment lines except to enter a remark, nor partially ship some items or part of the required quantity. The SHIPMENTLINE table also has more fields than are shown here. 

The action to change status to shipped is designed to be used at the point of shipment, once you press OK, it should mean that the items have been shipped. 

Pressing OK will change status on the Inventory Usage record to SHIPPED and four additional fields are now shown; the Shipment Number, Shipped Date, Attention of, and the Receipts field, which initially shows NONE.

Once you have reached SHIPPED status you are normally at the end of the process from an Inventory Usage application point of view, but you can still change status to CANCELLED up until the point when the shipment starts to be received at the destination storeroom. The description and long description fields can be modified, but everything else is read-only.

The action View Transactions will show one MATRECTRANS record with transaction type of SHIPTRANSFER for each item that is shipped. There is no record with a transaction type of STAGETRANSFER as we skipped the staging step. If you look at the General Ledger transactions the GL Debit Account will be the Organization’s Clearing Account which is found in the Organizations application, this is used for across site transfers.

If we look at item 61503 in the CENTRAL storeroom from the Inventory application, the Current Balance has now been reduced from 6 to 3 but the reservation still exists, the Hard Reserved Quantity Shipped and Total Quantity Shipped are set to 3.

In the Shipment Receiving application you can search for the shipment under the site NASHUA and use the Select Shipped Items button to select the items that have been shipped. This is where you could receive just part of the shipment or part of the quantity, to illustrate I have only chosen item 11453 and changed the Quantity Due to 1 (not shown).

A quantity of 1 of item 11453 has been received. This is a MATRECTRANS record with transaction type SHIPRECEIPT and the status of this record is COMP. No inspection was required on the inventory usage line; hence it did not enter waiting for inspection status (WINSP). You cannot view the financial transaction from the Shipment Receiving application, if you go to the Inventory application from the detail menu on the Item field you will be in the source storeroom, CENTRAL.

The Receipts status has changed from NONE to PARTIAL. This status field is on the Inventory Usage record (INVUSE) and not on the SHIPMENT record, although there is a STATUS field, I do not believe it is used.

Back on the Inventory Usage record 1106 if you tried to cancel the shipment you would get the error messages:

If you look at the Shipments Receipt line the status is COMP (it is at the end of the road) but the To Storeroom is marked as RECEIVING and not GARAGE in NASHUA, its final destination. The storeroom RECEIVING is not a storeroom, it is the destination site’s Holding location, you can find it in the Locations application with a type of HOLDING. You won’t find any balance information in GARAGE and there is no Quantity in Holding Location. Unfortunately, the transaction is stuck now, it is not fully received, I think the issue is associated with internal POs. The other issue I have found is that the internal PO is not being updated to say that the lines have been received, but it works OK when you do not go through the SHIPPED status.

When you receive the remaining quantity of line 1 and also line 2 then the Receipts status will be marked as COMPLETE. 

There is no final status change that will hide this record in the List tab, it is still at SHIPPED status. An implementation should have a couple of saved queries controlling what is shown on the List tab, one to show open inventory usage records, another to show those that are effectively complete.

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