Create Remaining Usage Lines in Inventory Usage

This action was added as part of the fix pack. You can now issue a partial quantity of an inventory usage document and create another usage document for the remaining quantity. It works when there has been a reservation.

I’ve created a work order 1346, and when this is approved it will create the reservations and automatically create an inventory usage document for the two lines.

The inventory usage record 1129 was created automatically from the reservation. I then changed the quantity of item 117041 to 1, the reservation is for quantity 2. Afterwards I completed the Inventory Usage record by using the “Change Status to Complete” action to issue the two items, of quantity 1 reserved against the work order.

It is at this point you can use the Create Remaining Usage Lines action. 

A second Inventory Usage record is created at ENTERED status for the same Usage Type and From Storeroom. This has one line for each inventory usage line on the original inventory usage record for the remaining quantity of the reservation.

The usefulness of this action is particularly when you are automatically creating the inventory usage documents from the reservations. The work order might have several items to be issued, but as a storeman you may only be able to provide some of the item quantity from stock, other items might be out of stock. If you reduce the quantity to be provided, or delete the lines which are out of stock, and then change status to STAGED or COMPLETE, i.e. you have issued the items that you have, then the Create Remaining Usage Lines action can be used to create another inventory usage document for the remaining quantity and items that were from the reservation. This new inventory usage record can stay at ENTERED status until you have stock to satisfy the request.

When using this action, you may get the error message “BMXAA9131E – You cannot duplicate this inventory usage document because there are no completed partial issues. Edit the document to continue.” This is probably because the inventory usage record you are on is at ENTERED state. 

If you issued some items and changed status to STAGED or COMPLETE and then at some later point you wanted to pick-up the remaining reservations, you could either:

As you always have the option to do the second bullet, this action really only has benefit immediately after you have gone to STAGED or COMPLETE status and still have the inventory usage record open. It also has greatest benefit when the original reservation had many lines as it would save time performing the duplication function that this action provides over selecting each item separately from the Select Reserved Items dialog.

Incidentally, you can’t make the quantity field zero on the inventory usage line as you will get the error message “BMXAA1881E – Please specify a quantity for a material issue/return.”, if no quantity is available then delete the inventory usage line.

In the tests I performed if a work order has both item and tool requirements, then the automatic creation of the Inventory Usage document does not include the tool items, but you could pick-up the reservation for the tool using the Select Reserved Items button. If you don’t use this button, and later used the Create Remaining Usage Lines action, then the new inventory usage record would include the tool item reservations. Maximo seems not to include the tool items when automatically creating the inventory usage records.

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