Split Usage Quantity dialog in Inventory Usage

You might have noticed at the end of an inventory usage line the check box called “Split”. This will be set by Maximo under two circumstances when the Split Usage Quantity dialog has opened:

In both cases a single inventory usage line will create multiple transactions in MATUSETRANS or MATRECTRANS depending on whether it is an issue or transfer.

I’ve created a new inventory usage record 1114 with usage type of MIXED on the CENTRAL storeroom in the BEDFORD site. I’ve added two usage lines:

Notice that a MIXED usage type on the header will allow both issues and transfers on the lines.

I’ve used the action “Change Status to Staged” and accepted the default radio button “Use the default stage bin for each inventory item”. These are COLLECT for the issue and SHIPSITE for the transfer.

For the Rotating Item the Split Usage Quantity dialog opens showing the Usage Line that needs to be split. You can either use the New Row button or the Auto-Split button which will select the rotating assets, or bins for you, which you can then amend if necessary.

I’ve used the Auto-Split button and it has identified rotating assets 2087 and 2088, but I have changed this to be 2087 and 2097.

The status of the inventory usage record is now STAGED and on the second usage line for the rotating item P-896, the Split check box is now checked.

Using the View Transactions action and the Transfers tab there are three lines, the top two are the two rotating assets that have been transferred to the SHIPSITE bin and the bottom line the transfer of item 0-0048 to the COLLECT bin. The View Details area doesn’t show the rotating asset, but it does exist in the MATRECTRANS table as attribute ROTASSETNUM, so could be easily displayed with configuration. If you went to the Inventory application for each item, you would find that staging bins are referenced in the Inventory Balances table window with the Staging Bin attribute checked.

You cannot move the inventory usage record from STAGED to SHIPPED, you will receive the errors:

You can use the Change Status to Complete action. This creates additional transactions that you can see in the action View Transactions:

The point to note, is that while you can use the Usage Type of MIXED for an inventory usage document, if you are transferring items to another storeroom, or indeed from one bin to another in the same storeroom, it is better to use TRANSFER rather than MIXED. 

In this test I will transfer item 0-0048 to the GARAGE storeroom, 25 feet from bin A-8-4, I know the availability is only 2 feet. On the inventory usage line, the Inspection Required field is checked.

This time instead of going through the STAGED status I have used the action Change Status to Shipped. The Split Usage Quantity dialog opens, as it would also do if you went from ENTERED to COMPLETE status, and I have used the Auto-Split button. The record added to the Split Across Multiple Bins table window is a different bin, B-8-4, which can supply the whole 25 feet. 

I have changed the quantity to 15.00. If you used the OK button now you would receive the error message “BMXAA7767E – The split line quantity is not equal to the original requested quantity for one or more lines. Either change the original requested quantity or change the split line quantity.”

Using the New Row button, I have added quantity of 2 feet from bin A-8-4, and 23-feet from bin B-8-4, the total of 25 will avoid the error message. Notice at this point you could record the physical count, which is the count before you extracted the quantity to be transferred.

On pressing OK you get the Create Shipment dialog, shipment 1038 is being created. After completing any shipment details and pressing OK, the inventory usage record will be at SHIPPED status with Receipts set to NONE.

In the Shipment Receiving application you can search for shipment 1038 and use the Select Shipped Item button to select the shipment. Although it is the same item, and probably packaged together, each MATRECTRANS transaction is being received.

The two items are transferred to the Shipment Receipts table window, this is based on the MATRECTRANS table. Two additional transaction records are created with type SHIPRECEIPT and status of WINSP – Waiting for Inspection, because we had indicated Inspection Required on the Inventory Usage line. The To Storeroom of RECEIVING is the sites holding location.

Using the action Change Inspection Status, you can determine how many of the quantity to accept and how many to reject. I’ve rejected the two foot of tubing.

The closure of the Change Inspection Status moves the quantity of 23 from the RECEIVING holding location into the GARAGE storeroom with a final transaction type of TRANSFER, it is the second line down. The rejected quantity of two, negates the received quantity, and hence is negative. It goes from the RECEIVING holding location back to the CENTRAL storeroom with a transaction type of SHIPRETURN, the third line down in the picture.

The returned items are not physically in the CENTRAL storeroom, but the balance will show in the original bin, A-8-4, although the MATRECTRANS record actually indicated the To Bin in the GARAGE storeroom which was AAJ1.

Incidentally if you are transferring a quantity of 1 of a rotating item and do not enter the rotating asset on the inventory usage line, then the Split Usage Quantity dialog will open. Also, if you are splitting a lot item the Use By date in the Inventory Balances is used so that the lot which is closest to expiring is transferred first, otherwise it comes from the default bin for the lot item.

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