Item Images

Items can have a thumbnail image. It is very useful for end users to verify the item they are thinking of using or buying by looking at an image. Only one image can be added to a Maximo record. Additional images need to be added using the Attachments icon.

The action Add/Modify Image is used to add an image or to change it. The screenshot is where I had already added the image to the item, in this case you have a Delete button. The Select File button will open your operating systems file explorer or finder application which allows you to select or change the image for the item record.

When you click the image in the Item Master application the image is expanded in the View Image dialog. 

You might have noticed that the image looks a bit squashed. The original image was 480 wide x 344 high. The image thumbnail and the View Image dialog are both sized with the same width and height. This is not, unfortunately, a dynamic control that looks at the size of the original saved image and then scales accordingly.

You might find that a slightly wider image to height works a bit better, but this is a setting for the application, in this case Item Master. Ideally, you would find the time to resize your original images to the same fixed width and height before loading to the item records. 

The View Image dialog is in Library.xml. You need to search for id=”viewimage”. You should set it to the same proportion that you settle for the thumbnail. But be careful, images are used elsewhere in Maximo, and a wider image may not work everywhere, for example a Person, might not want an even wider grin!

One of the functions of a rotating item is that when you create a rotating asset and reference the rotating item then the image is also copied. If you have resized the image thumbnail you will also need to do this for the Assets application. The image in the Assets application is a copy of the image in the Item Master application, they are not shared so that if you change it on the item it will also change it on all the rotating assets that belong to that rotating item.

An item exists in many places in Maximo. When you examine the detail menu there is an option View Image which allows you to check the image of the item. This occurs in Work Order Tracking – Materials tab, on a Desktop Requisition, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Purchase Contract line, etc.

Incidentally, while you can associate a location with a rotating item, and the location also displays an image control, the image is not copied to the operating location. The image on the location would normally be a photo.

An image can also be added to Tools and Service Items. Tools can also be rotating. An image added to a rotating tool is also copied across to rotating assets that reference that tool item. 

Images can be added to other Maximo applications. The mouseover when you hover over the image is the records description field, in our case the description of item AJE02.

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