Item Specifications for Rotating Items

We probably know that an item can be classified, and the attributes of the classification create the item’s specification, found on the Specifications tab. This article is all about the relationship between rotating items and rotating assets with regard to the classification and its specification.

In the Item Master application an item can have an associated classification which has a set of attributes called the specification, the characteristics that describe the item. This applies to both rotating and non-rotating items.

The Assets application also has a Specifications tab with a classification and a set of attributes. When a new asset is created and associated with a rotating item, making it a rotating asset, then the classification and its specification and values are copied from the rotating item. Notice that for rotating assets the classification field is read-only, it is copied and controlled from the rotating item.

If you update the Item’s Specification, in this case I have added the alphanumeric value of “Left” to the Alignment Type attribute, then – 

– all the assets that belong to the rotating item will be updated with the same attribute value changes on their asset’s specification. You can see that asset 2165 had its specification updated. This may take a while if you have many rotating assets that belong to the same rotating item, so be patient, especially if you have updated more than one attribute value. 

There are two fields which are hidden by default which are playing a part in this illustration. I have configured them onto the screen so that you can see them:

The Alignment Type attribute on asset 2165 was changed from “Left” to “Right” and after save the “Item Specification Value Changed?” was checked. This tells Maximo not to update the Asset Specification for this attribute if it is changed on the Item Specification.

If you use the New Row button on the Assets application and Specification tab, to create a new attribute for asset 2165, then both of these fields will be set as unchecked (0). This is an attribute which was not inherited from the item specification.

There are two fields on the Item Specification which are also hidden:

These two fields are defaulted to 1 and what they do is set the “Inherited from Item?” field on the asset specification record and the location specification record when the asset or location is associated with a rotating item and the classification is copied.

This time for a different rotating item I’ve added a new attribute DESC with an alphanumeric value of “This is a new attribute added to the item”.

The same attribute is added to the rotating assets that belong to the same rotating item.

This test was performed on Maximo first, and it didn’t work. I was surprised because from distant memory I thought this was a feature of rotating items. I have rerun the test on Maximo and it has worked.

I thought also that deleting an attribute on the rotating item specification would cause it to be deleted on all the rotating assets that belong to the rotating item where the value had not been changed. I could not get this to work on either version – was it ever a feature?

Many years ago, when classifications were added for items and assets in the way we see them today the concept was for the rotating item to be the master of the classification details for the rotating assets unless you add new attributes or change the values on the rotating asset. So, I expect that the deletion of an attribute on the rotating item should result in the deletion of the attribute on the associated rotating assets.

If you clear the classification on a rotating item the classification will be removed from all rotating assets, except those where there has been a change to one of the attribute values. The classification field on the rotating assets is read-only because it is associated with a rotating item. If you then reclassify the rotating item, then on Maximo this did not reclassify the rotating asset, but it does so in Maximo

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