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Andrew Jeffery

Maximo SME for 25+ years

Maximo Certified Deployment Professional – Maximo Manage v8.0

IBM Certification Exam Developer (2022)

IBM Champion 2022

“Andrew has been tirelessly documenting and diagramming deep Maximo functionality, and promoting it to the Maximo ecosystem through his website and LinkedIN. His work product is very high quality, thoughtful and detailed. I use it myself with Clients and in my own presentations. He has been working on this for 4 or more years. I can’t say for sure but I think he has invested 1000 hours – the repository is huge.”

David Smith (IBM)

“Andrew for years already is a well respected Maximo SME globally. Andrew is the owner of the website: Maximo Secrets where he has a global reach, a very large group of Maximo users who make use of the knowledge Andrew has put together on Maximo Secrets. A significant milestone was reached in July 2021 with 500K all-time views. Maximo Secrets started 4.5 years ago at the beginning of 2017. There are now about 200 posts, pages or portfolios (I use these as presentations) with an average of 3,347 words per post.”

Ronald Teijken (IBM)

“Andrew is an outstanding and prominent consultant and blogger on Maximo topics. His expertise extends not only to core Maximo but also HSE.”

“Andrew has recently taken a lead role in the creation of the IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Maximo Manage v8.0 exam writing process. He went ‘above and beyond’ spending countless hours reviewing and in many cases re-writing exam questions to ensure the highest quality and accuracy was achieved. His attention to detail and thorough approach significantly contributed to the exceptional quality of this certification.”

Martin Williams (IBM)

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Currently working for ZNAPZ B.V.

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