Work Centers, a Functional Footprint (


This document provides the current functional footprint of the main Maximo work centers, and the tools and tasks. No detail is currently provided for Map, Maximo Management Interface, and the integration elements of the Administration work center.

I have compared the work centers in the latest versions, Maximo, and Maximo EAM SaaS. As you’ll see there are a number of new enhancements in the Maximo EAM SaaS version which are not available yet for the on-premise version, these are highlighted.

To make it easier to navigate you can go directly to the following pages:

  1. Introduction
  2. Service Requests
  3. Administration
  4. Work Supervision
  5. Work Execution
  6. Manage Inventory
  7. Manage Inspection Forms
  8. Conduct an Inspection
  9. Manage Assets
  10. Miscellaneous

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