Request for Enhancements (RFE)

Here is a list of the RFE’s I have created or the ones I am following. If you have a client need for these then please vote for them by following the link. Please do not vote for them without a client need as I would much prefer IBM to work on client requested enhancements.


152038Organizations – New option that is used by Work Order Tracking Select Safety Hazards action, to avoid a workaround

The Organizations application Select Safety Options has one option per site and that is to Show Work Assets Hazards in the Select Hazards action. A similar check box for “Show Work Assets Hazards in the Select Safety Hazards action” is needed although this may be under the Work Order Options – Site Options dialog of Organizations application.


147948Crews – Available Hours to reflect work period hours and not shift hours

When a calendar has a shift between 08:00 and 17:00 – 9 hours, but the work period hours is adjusted to indicate 8 hours then 9 hours is shown. Maximo doesn’t take into account work period hours only the time between shift start and shift end. This results in other issues, for example in Crew Assignment Status dialog. RFE is to allow option for work period hours to be used for available hours, which would allow other issues to be ironed out.
150515Crew Assignment Status should consider availability of labor when crews are working EXTRA TIME

In Crews application, when a crew has modified availability EXTRA TIME (or WORK) and there is assigned labor, the Crew Assignment Status dialog – Required Crafts, shows OK when the assigned labor does not have EXTRA TIME themselves. There is a mismatch in the available hours of the crew and the labor and the Requirement Status should say NOT AVAILABLE.
150529Crew Assignment Status – Required Tools to show NOT AVAILABLE when tool asset has been moved to a REPAIR location.

In the Crews application and the Crew Assignment Status action the Required Tools can have a Requirement Status of NOT AVAILABLE. When a tool asset is being repaired or is with a vendor being serviced/calibrated then it is not available but currently it would show that the tool assignment is OK. The NOT AVAILABLE status should take into account a move of the asset to REPAIR, VENDOR or SALVAGE location.
151161Crews to have a System Property to allow the Hourly Rate to be derived from Labor Craft Rate

The Hourly Rate of a Crew is derived from the Craft Rate table, it would be more accurate to derive the hourly rate from the current labor assigned to the crew, as labor can have different hourly rates to the default craft rates.

Service Provider

148804Labor Price Books to be extended down to Labor level

Labor prices can be added at craft, skill level, time type, calendar and shift. But they cannot be currently entered at the labor level, different rates for different people. Labor cost rates can be entered at the Labor level and these can be marked up but this does not give the same result as a Labor Price at Craft, Skill Level and Labor level. Ideally LABORCODE is added to Labor Price Book, PLUSPPBLINELABOR object with necessary changes to price calculations.
150072Job Plan (SP) and Work Order Tracking (SP) to support Dynamic Job Plans

Maximo added Dynamic Job Plans to core Maximo. The UI for Job Plans (SP) and Work Order Tracking (SP) does not contain the new fields. This requires copying over XML to the SP applications in several places, making it easy to miss fields which should be copied.

Maximo Scheduler

147199GRV Crew Assignment Column to reflect current month/week

In Graphical Resource View the Crew Assignment checkbox is highlighted if the labor has ever been assigned to a crew – this is not useful, it might have been several years ago. Much better for the crew assignment checkbox to reflect whether the labor is currently assigned to a crew within the context of the current period, a month or a week.
147200GRV Print Grid should show Legend along the bottom of each page

The Print Grid function in Graphical Resource View has many colours for different periods of unavailability, but no legend to explain what each colour means. As report will nearly always be printed in landscape this could be a ribbon along the bottom of each page.
147210Available Labor dialog in Work Order Tracking, Start Time should show when next available to perform work hours within shift

In Work Order Tracking, Assignment Tab and Available Labor dialog. When a labor is fully assigned and has zero Available Hours the Start Time field defaults to the last time in the shift of the labor within the From and To dates defined in the dialog. It would be more useful to show when the labor is next available to perform the required assignment hours within their shift availability, this may be outside of the From and To date range. There should also be some warning messages when assigning a labor with no availability or assignment performed outside of their shift hours.
147792GWW – Work View should include Craft column

If a work assignment is assigned to a labor resource the Resources column now shows the Labor name, e.g. Mike Wilson. If the assignment used a secondary craft you now do not know which craft the work assignment required.
GWW – There is no ability to be able to create a new assignment for a particular craft or crew type.

There are two aspects. You can only assign to a Labor/Crew, and not specify the craft/crew type. Work orders may appear in the Work List which are unplanned, so you may want to plan craft and schedule for later dates, not assign immediately.

When using Create Assignment you have no ability to say the craft/crew type you want. You may want to create a new assignment for a different craft/crew type.
147796GWW – Start, Interrupt and Complete an assignment

Graphical Work Week has been modelled on Assignment Manager but it is not a replacement for it. You should be able to dispatch and record interruptions and completions to the assignment for those industries where there is no need for maps, for example hospitals, airports, hotels.
147831GWW – No need for Spanner icon in Description field.

It would be much better to save horizontal space and start at left hand edge of description field.
147833GWW – Work Priority column to retain background colour after you have assigned labor or crew

Background colouration is currently lost as soon as the assignment becomes assigned. By the time you have assigned all work there is no colouration making it more difficult to see the high priority work.
147847GWW – Include labor that match by secondary craft.

A checkbox on Work List that will allow you to pull in Labor that will be a match to the work order craft requirements using their secondary crafts. This is needed where there is no work order that includes those technicians according to their default craft. GWW currently only includes labor where their default craft is a match for one of the included work orders. For clients that have craft based supervisors and are also using secondary crafts then this can be an issue.
147848GWW – Ignore Resource Requirements

Ability for a supervisor to specify a consistent set of resources that they wish to include, by ignoring the match to the craft/crew type requirements of the selected work orders. Currently it is not possible to get a consistent set of craft and crew types because what you get depends on the selected set of work orders. When checked the set of resources will be dependent on the resource queries made in Restrict Resource Availability.
147850GWW- View External Assignments should provide the ability to navigate to the work order

Dialogs with a work order should have a Go To Work Order Tracking action.
147867GWW – Additional Resource Columns

To align the resource columns found in Graphical Assignment including Default Vendor, Crew Assignment, Work Location and Work Zone. The Labor’s Supervisor would also be useful.
147868GWW – View Assigned Work enhancements

Minor enhancements to dialog, sort by Scheduled Start, sorting on other columns, addition of priority field and field to indicate it is an external assignment, navigation to WOTRACK.
147870GWW – Default Crew Assignment Dates

The Start and End Dates of the Crew Assignment dialog can be defaulted to either the current work week or the Start/End of the Work List. As GWW only contains a short number of weeks, all dialogs with Start/End might benefit from consistent handling of default to Start/End dates.
147873GWW – Calendar Export, control over communication template to use

A different communication template is needed for labor from crews as different attributes. Preferable to use two System Properties to point to the Communication Template to use for labor and crews, then implementation is protected from any change IBM makes to the default communication template.
147877GWW – Calendar Export, control over log note to use and add long description to Communication Template

Current relationship used in the Communication Template is not specific to a work log record, it ought to be the latest work log added against the assignment using ASSIGNMENTID. The Communication Template would also benefit from displaying the log note long description on a new line.
147886GWW – Manually Split Assignments

GWW currently only has automatic splitting of long duration assignments. There should be a function Split Assignment which provides a dialog allowing multiple assignments to be created their duration and scheduled start date/time. If the work order / task is already assigned then the split assignment must be validated to ensure it does not overlap with other assignments.
147905GWW – In-line editing of duration and constraint dates

It is quicker to be able to change duration rather than unlocking and changing the bar length. Constraint dates can only be changed by navigating back to Work Order Tracking. In-line editing will speed up use of application.
147971GWW – Make a resource match by Work Zone obvious and align with WOTRACK

Work Order Tracking implements filtering and validation by work zone in Available Labor and Available Crews dialogs. Graphical Work Week currently doesn’t even show the work zone column on the work assignment, nor is it a column on the resource view. GWW should better support choices the scheduler makes when using work zones. The same validations and warnings should be given.
149593GWW – Show Appointment Required/Made icons next to assignment

Graphical Work Week would benefit from being able to see that a work order assignment has an Appointment Required or Appointment Made, icons as displayed in Graphical Assignment. Ideally you would be able to change the setting of Appointment Made (or Appointment Required) without navigating back to Work Order Tracking. The Appointment Made fixes the schedule dates everywhere except in GWW, creating inconsistency.
150343App Links should work in GWW

The App Links in Graphical Work Week (GWW) have been hard-coded, you cannot add new app links although the facility is provided to do so. When entering a new app link, you can test that it works in Graphical Assignment. This is inconsistent behaviour.
150353GWW and GA visibility of Log Notes raised against the work order or originating ticket

In GA and GWW there is no visibility of log notes raised against the work order only against the assignment. Log Notes raised on the Service Request or Incident are visible in Work Order Tracking, but are not displayed in the action Add/View Notes. There should be better visibility of log notes and the ability to see the same set as you would see in Work Order Tracking application.

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