Nuclear Application Maps (10 of 14) – Work Orders and Surveillance Testing

The Job Plans application is a template for the work instructions and estimates of labor, materials, services and tools that are applied to a work order to create a work plan. The Job Plan application has been extended in a small way so that job plans for permits can be distinguished from those for work orders. 

Job Plans are applied directly to a work order, or indirectly when a Preventive Maintenance (PM) record generates a work order. The main work order application is called Work Order Tracking and Maximo for Nuclear Power has extended this core application in a number of ways.

The Quick Work Orders application is used to document activities that do not support physical work and to manage other work processes that require clearance protection. Quick work orders are created with a work type of ADMIN (administration). These work orders are not planned, and do not consume materials or other resources. The application has a reduced set of functionalities, but you can raise clearance requests and process the clearance from when it is handed-over through sign on/off processes to the eventual release of the clearance back to operations.

The Quick Reporting application is a set of functionalities designed for work order completion. The version of the application provided as part of Maximo for Nuclear Power differs from the core application in only minor ways. It is ideal for inspections and rounds performed against a work order as opposed to the rounds performed as part of Duty Station activities. It may be the main application used by technicians of the facilities department of a nuclear plant.

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