Repair Facilities

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What is a Repair Facility?

Repair Facilities in Maximo










Work Order Tracking



By pressing OK, a new work order is created with the site of the asset. Note. Maximo now assumes that your default insert site is the site of the asset and this will affect new work orders, it is reset when you leave the application. This message will be supressed if the Organization setting for Bypass Site Mismatch Warning Message is set to true (1).

Preventive Maintenance


If none of these options are chosen (as would be the case if the Signature Option was not available) then the Repair Facility on the generated work order will be that from the user’s default repair facility.

Condition Monitoring


If none of these options are chosen (as would be the case if the Signature Option was not available) then no Repair Facility is added to the generated work order.



Security Groups


If Maximo Scheduler is installed

2 responses to “Repair Facilities”

  1. DAVID J MILLER avatar

    If you setup REPAIR LOCATIONS as TYPE = “OPERATING”.. When do you use the TYPE= “REPAIR” on LOCATIONS? I cant find any documentation on this?

    1. maximosecrets avatar

      Hi David, Repair locations are used with mobile assets, train, planes, trucks and ships that need to be repaired at depots, hangers, garages and shipyards. The important thing here is that you need to make a location assignment, the hanger cannot be used for two planes at the same time. For non-mobile assets, pumps, motors, etc, when they need to be repaired you move the asset to a location of type repair. Often, those assets, after repair, do not get moved to the original operating location but a storeroom waiting to be issued to another operating location in the future – a rotating asset. Hope that helps.

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